I’ve broken in to the pickle making business

Okay, maybe not.Maybethis is my first batch of pickles ever, but I count that as a success for the plain and simple fact that I’ve kept these plants growing and alive, and they’ve grown what and how they are supposed to. Poor Mrs. Angie, she’s been having to put up with my countless nonsensical questions about cucumbers, growing, picking and pickling since day one. She’s answered every question in stride, even if they sounded completely inappropriate. She gave me her recipe for her pickles, and I know they’re going to be tasty, because well, she made like eleventy billion jars just this past month of her own pickles. She also made them last year too, so this ain’t her first time around a pickle.

I filled the jars without a problem, because well, filling jars isn’t that bog of a deal. Next was the hard part.

I had to seal my jars. I had NEVER done such a thing, and honestly, had no idea what I was doing. Problem number one: I didn’t have a pot big enough that would, when filled, cover over the jars. Solution? Buy a bigger pot. It wasn’t just any pot, it was a crawfish/turkey frying pot. It’ll be used for other things, no worries. Problem number two: I didn’t really know how the whole sealing process was going to work. I had my jars in the pot of water, that never actually came to a rolling boil because there was too much water. I also didn’t really have it figured out how I was going to put these jars in and take them out of the boiling hot water. I had tongs, but they ended up not working out. Solution: Silicone oven gloves. They’re waterproof and can handle the heat. Checkmate.

I wasn’t sure about the whole “popping” thing a jar does when it seals. Was it going to be obvious? Was it going to be quick? Was it going to sound like a pistol just went off in my house? I had no idea. I also had no idea [and not all the faith in myself] that I would successfully get the jars to seal. Then what? I had pulled the jars out of the pot, and only NONE had sealed. That’s right none. I thought I had completely ruined my first ever batch of pickles. Travesty.

Mrs. Ang told me to be patient though [me, patient? HA] So I put them in a dark place as directed, and hoped for the best. I checked and rechecked them. One had sealed. The other two still hadn’t by the time I went to bed. But like a kid on Christmas day I bounded from my bed the next morning and the other two had FINALLY SEALED!!! All three are now sealed and pickling. When I realized it was going to take a minimum of a month to pickle though, I thought I would die. So here I wait, the next pickle genius, and I don’t even get to taste my awesomeness for another 4 weeks. Sad times.

I’d only picked what I thought would be considered a few. A few. Turns out, I picked enough for three, and have at least another 2-3 coming up in the next few weeks. Pickle season… here I come 🙂