Y’all, the apocalypse is coming and bath salts are likely the cause.

This and this both conclude that the world is beginning to go haywire. Add in Snookie’s spawn due on the Mayan apocalypse day, and you’ve got an apocalypse created for the world. Go big or go home, right? Well in the case of the endig of the world, home wouldn’t really help you either, but whatevs.

I don’t mind an apocalypse and all, I’m just kind of perturbed that the world will end when I finally finish school [which could be the actual reason the world is ending]. I mean, I’d like to at least get a paycheck or something finalizing my way into the adult world of a non-retail job full of resposibilities. On the bright side though, the world ending beforehand means less papers and tests to grade…

Prepare y’all, the world is getting inky out there.