Some Math Things

Last week, on Monday, we went road trippin’ to visit some family members and I was too lazy to drive I made the Mister drive so I could do some homework. While juggling between my book, my notebooks, my super cool freaking awesome eraser and my ridiculously good looking pink graphing calculator, I discovered my entire car that my lap could not hold and organize the amount of stuff. That when when I made the best discovery since my dear sweet Albie Einstein’s theory of relativity [yes I totally know him well enough to give him a nickname, we’re practically BFFs. I follow him on twitter] my calculator fits perfectly in the handle part of the door. ITS DESTINY!!! Chevy should market that. From now on, I’m only buying vehicles that come equipped with a GCHC [graphing calculator holding compartment]

Those of you with kids, you’ll love this story. Its a tale of sibling love and affection brewing through the rugged perils of mathematics, calculus to be specific. We siblings do love each other, but only when battling fierce opponents like homework or zombie rockstars trying to eat our brains.

A few days before my breakthrough discovery, I was diligently working on some calculus homework. I was whizzing through it like a champ when BAM I hit a brick wall on the last problem. I stared at this thing for at least an hour.

I tweaked, I multiplied, I cancelled out. I thought for sure this specific question was laughing in my face because of the effort I was putting in to figure it out. I wrote the problem on a post it note, snapped a pic on my phone and sent it to three different people, my brother, CoCo and Giselle. THREE!!! I was NOT going to let this problem beat me up and steal my lunch money. I was DEFIANT!!! I wrote every step I did on a post it note, snapped another picture and send it off.

I was so perplexed. After I had finished talking to someone else, about something other than math BLASPHEMY!, I looked at my phone hoping I would have a message. I DID! It was from my brother, it said “check your voicemail” I had forgotten about such an easy trick, I’d say its downright embarrassing, but honestly, it happens a lot when in higher level classes [I’m not saying calculus is a higher level], we forget the most simplest things that we learned in grade school.

They SHARE a denominator. SPLIT THEM UP!!! AUGH!!!

Needless to say, even in our adult years we can always count on big brothers! I got my work back two days ago. I made a 100 on that homework assignment 🙂
I also have a fun game with subtraction I’ll put up in a day or two. I promise I’ll do this more often, I just have a HUGE presentation coming up and my partner is, well, I’m doing all the work to hopefully keep my goal continuing on with straight A’s this semester. Until then,
Peace out boy scout! [or girl scout!]

What is this?

This isn’t a new addition to my handwriting but it bothers me. My eights are the same way.