An abated sigh

The end of my undergraduate career is coming in lightspeeds. Finals week kicks off tomorrow, and for me, ends on Wednesday.

The semester is coming to a close, and I can’t help but be excited and nervous. Excited because this semester is finally over. This is my last full semester until student teaching, and I’ll go ahead and admit that I have been checked out of this semester since about February. I don’t know if it was the subjects of classes I was in, or if the ill-fated Senioritis finally reared its ugly head at me, but I was done. I’m nervous though, because even though I’ve been anxiously waiting for this semester to end, I still want to make sure my grades are beyond superb. I’ve attempted to skate by this semester; senior year should be a cakewalk, right? I should have known better though, my skating skills have always been sub-par. Within a week, the past week, I’ve written almost 40 pages. That may not seem like much, but for a lazy math major, it is like writing Homer’s Iliad. Besides those, I’ve gotten by with little effort on many projects, but I’ve always planned to get by with minimal A’s. I want to be lazy, but I still want the grade.

The work has been somewhat rigid, and unlike what I’m used to; and honestly, I’m not really sure if any of it is actually vital to what I’ll be doing in the classroom. When I observed about a month ago, it was a breath of fresh air. I finally hit a stride and was ready to teach. Having to go back into the classroom as a student was dreadful. I wanted to teach. Now this semester is finally coming to fruition, yet with my contended sigh of relief on Wednesday, there will also be a part that is still anxious until grades are posted.

I still have two menial hurdles [a.k.a. classes] to overcome this summer, but after this week I will begin my official countdown until August. Crossing off each day putting me one step closer to my ultimate dream, and my ultimate job.

A runner’s PSA

Good evening folks, it is time for another one of my well thought out PSAs to the world. Today’s topic: running in public.

Now I know I can’t even manage to make it through the C25K program, but that doesn’t mean I ain’t freaking trying. I still consider myself a runner and even moreso, a public runner. I mean public as in I run outside at the local park. I like scenery; not nature, but scenery. Since I run in public, I make sure that I am dressed appropriately and acceptable for public. There are some, however, that need me to create a PSA to know what is acceptable and appropriate. This specific one is directed to males.

I may lose my “woman card” here, but guys, please don’t run without a shirt on.

You are not Ryan Gossling, you are not Channing Tatum, you are not even David Hasselhoff. I realize it is blazing hot in the Lone Star state, but you need to cover up. For reals. It is awkward as all get out for me to be running, listening to my awesome boyband music, and see you running towards me with your pecs/manboobs bouncing and staring me in the face. I am the queen of social awkwardness, and even I cannot out awkward this kind of situation. I have to dart my eyes in eleventy billion directions just to make sure I don’t make eye contact or nipple contact, and that is the last thing I need to be worried about while I’m wheezing through my last mile of my run.

What’s even worse is the guy that was just standing by his truck for 15+ minutes with his shirt off. He just stood there while I made my second pass of the 1.5 mile track. What was he doing? My first thought was that it was part of his mating ritual. Obviously it hadn’t worked since he was still alone during the second pass, and instead continued to awkwardly stand there by his truck.

So please, PLEASE keep a shirt on. For the sake of other scenery inspired runners out there, save our gag reflex a few involuntary spasms and just throw on an old college band tee. Keep your nipples out of sight and out of my mind.

Much gratitude,

Starting Anew

My name is Pea, and I hereby promise to get back into this little shindig I have here. I promise I will contribute at least once a week, and I promise it’ll be more than just “Oh em gee y’all super busy!! Peace out, yo!!” I really want to get better at this, and as my last full semester in school comes to a close, I want to start sharing stories and mishaps as I try not to ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of students for the rest of my career.

I especially think it will be hysterical as I try to weave my way through my student teaching semester realizing (as if I haven’t already) that the last few years of education classes and mathematics courses have been of no help when pressed for answers by angsty, hormonal teenage kids unhappy that they’re being forced to learn such horrifics as quadratics, trigonometry and algebra. THE HORROR!!!

I (thankfully) only have a short time left of this semester, and it won’t end soon enough. Don’t get me wrong, getting more scholarship money than I actually need, and being inducted into the KDP honors society is pretty rad, but I have this thing called Senior Project that is about to drive me up the wall. So bear with me, as I try to get back into the swing of things around here. I will hopefully not disappoint.Until next time, please enjoy this. You’re welcome

Monster Bug Wars

Has anyone else seen this show? It is on the Science Channel becuse I’m a big fat nerd and is KILLER. They put two gross bugs up against each other for a fight to the death show. They give you as much info as they can about each one, and then you see them duke it out. Man, it is freaking AWESOME.

It is surprising that I like this show as much as I do because, let’s be honest, I still scream like a 7 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert when it comes to bugs. This show makes me SO happy that I am not a bug though, because these folks are BRUTAL. Honeybadger WHO? Dude, more like Army Ant don’t care. I can totally see why Sheldon wanted them as a mascot. Geek shout out!

I have a camera

Last year I jumped on the DSLR bandwagon and got straight up GANGSTA with my two additional lenses and GORGEOUS camera bag a la Jo Totes

I’ve read a few books and blogs and forums so I don’t look like a complete loon trying to play with a camera that is WAY too smarter than I am, and I have even taken it out for a spin a few times in Manual. The last time I have touched my camera has been months ago. It isn’t that I don’t want to be all up in my camera’s business, acting like a I know what I’m doing an a pronofessional, I just haven’t had the time to. First, I didn’t have time because of school, then I didn’t have time because of holidays, THEN I didn’t have time because I just didn’t have the time to change out of my pajamas during my break, and now? I’m back in school. I also don’t really have any super awesome subjects, or landscapes that I want to work with, so the motivation is lacking. I have GOT to work on the whole motivation thing.

So, my very few followers, what is your motivation? What are your best tips and tricks? How long did it take on Manual before you were shooting like a pro?

Pancho Villa

So there’s a new pup in the house. He’s a black lab, and at 8 months weighs more than half of what I do already. His name is Pancho Villa, and honestly? There isn’t a name more fitting. He demolishes and pillages anything he comes across. Things demolished so far: one of MY Vera Bradley bags, 3 pairs of MY shoes, MY trigonometry book, MY homework [first time I ever had to tell a teacher my dog ate my homework], MY bra.. see a trend here?

Kid apparently gets pissed when I’m not doting on him 24/7 and HATES that school takes me away from him. Before he had eaten my things, he had strewn my dry erase markers around the house because I used them when I worked on my homework.

He’s been described by strangers as ALL LAB and it has even been suggested that we should get him on doggy Ritalin. His energy has been compared to that of a toddler, his attention span is like that of a tic-tac, and the standoffs between him and the cat as well as him and his reflection in the mirror are HILARIOUS.

This guy is the first I’ve had all the way from the puppy phase and LORD I don’t know if I ever want to deal with that again. Best news yet? Labs stay in this phase until at least TWO YEARS OLD. YIPPEE!!!

I will die. Please visit my grave, and while you’re at it, bring a Milkbone. Lord knows this guy will probably stay clingy even when I’m on the other side.

An ode to Bakerella

I was perusing around the internets one day and saw someone post a picture and praise the great Bakerella for her beautiful and delicious cakeball designs. Ms. Ella even posted thanking her for the comment and pictures and that she loves seeing happy people and their own versions of cakeballs.

Here is my own ‘thank you’ to you, Ms. Bakerella, and the wonderfulness that are cakeballs. Mine are a little different though.

I’m sure most you see are gorgeous like these

Or just look at your own

Most people carefully prepare their balls to be gorgeous and pretty shapes. Some may use cookie cutters, or even handroll them to be perfectly spherical. And when it comes to the chocolate coating? Fuggetaboutit. Look at how smooth the above ones are. So smooth you could bounce a quarter off it.

I started my cakeball adventures when I made Thanksgiving dinner last year for the officers. Its a tradition that I plan to keep until I can no longer stay awake until 4am to feed all of them. They all get a chance to eat at my home, but usually have to leave quickly. I wanted to make them a dessert that they could eat by hand in the car if they needed to bolt out of here in a hurry. Coco made me some one day, I ate them and they were AMAZING and so travel friendly, so I copied her. They ended up geing like whatever that chip slogan was about not stopping at one, and I’ve been making them ever since.

Are you ready to see mine?

Those are the ugliest cakeballs ever right?

My cakeballs are by no means picture perfect, or photogenic. I’ve never been complimented on how they look.

I’m the first to say it. Mine aren’t even hand rolled. I use an ice cream scoop because I’m lazy. They’re more like cake hemispheres, but I’ve gotten SO.MANY.COMPLIMENTS. about how they taste its crazy.

You see Ms. Ella, I make these for the husband and his fellow officers. In fact, I have to make 2 batches just to survive in the briefing room for two hours and a total of no more than probably 30ish officers. Each batch makes about 40-50 hemispheres, so yea, you’re doing the math right, 100 hemispheres completely gone in 2 hours.

I’m actually known throughout the department for them, even a couple of the CHEIFS loves them. I’m super cereal Ms. Ella. The love has gone all the way to the top here. My favorite compliments are the ones accusing me of making them fat. I also love that I’ve gotten 2 wedding proposals from it.

So while mine are not beautiful or awe inspiring for their physical appearance, they are the talk of the department, always loved, and always complimented! So thank you Bakerella for the greatest dessert idea EVER!

When nerds get bored

So it has been only 3 weeks FOR.EV.ER. since I’ve been in school, and I have gotten so bored.

First, I made my barometer jar to tell me that we’ve only had rain ONCE in the past few months.

And because I’m a GIRL nerd, I used a pink balloon. And because I LOVE pickles, I had this jar laying around.

After the .02 seconds it took to make my awesometastic weather monitor, I was bored again. The mister already shot down my dreams of playing with Jawbreakers and microwaves

and also, he shattered all my hopes in life when he nixed my idea to build a particle accelerator in my home a la Tony Stark. Something about it “being dangerous” and not only killing me, but leveling our entire neighborhood. Whatever, in both this and the jawbreaker case I would have TOTALLY worn safety goggles.

So, to pass the time I ended up making my own laundry soap, which was actually fairly simple as well as hysterical when I put the lid on sudsing bubbles in hot water. Finally enough pressure had built up to blow the lid off, and THAT ladies and gents is the only explosion that has happened at the house this summer. Tragic.
I also got these from the store

Exciting! So what I do is grab a handful and try to figure out how many words I can spell with what I got. SO.MUCH.FUN. Then I eat them. SO.TASTY.AND.DELICIOUS.

I’ve also been doing a lot of these

Cute and smarty pants fun all wrapped together in one book! In fact, I’ve finished this particular book. No worries, I have 5 more 🙂 It all started with this one though, and Steffie-poo was the person who gave it to me. I luff her. They’re logic puzzles, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why other people don’t think they are fun.

Here’s an example one:

Totally fun, right? Right.

So, I’ve found a few things to keep me busy, and they’re fun and all, BUT not a single thing would be more fun than an exploding Jawbreaker or my own personal particle accelerator. Husband never lets me have ANY fun

Oh, its a wonderful day in the interwebs

Hello boys and girls,

Today we’re going to talk about sweaters. It has been an infinite amount of days above triple digits, but I am already on the hunt for sweaters. Specifically Mr. Rogers type sweaters. I’m completely in love with cardigans this winter, and I especially love ones that could have been featured in the Mr. Rogers line. I don’t know why. Perhaps I love the show a little too much, maybe I still wish I could live in that little castle,

maybe I want to get discounts from AARP quicker. Whatever the reason is, I’m on the hunt, and it may not stop until I have one in every color. I wish I could find some more girly too, with cute little flowers, so maybe I could be more like a Mrs. Rogers, and perhaps wear my math shoes with them to only make myself more nerdy. That’s what I need, right?

Anywho, it is really hard to find sweaters right now when the weatherman compares our temperatures to the inside of Dante’s Inferno, but when school rolls around in a couple weeks, I’ll need them because they like to keep classrooms cool enough to store meat, which is a good thing because it helps keep my necklace fresh and hair of the Bozo variety

So while I’ll look like a moron to the outside community, in my classes I won’t turn into an ice cube. Now I just need to accessorize… with more meat perhaps.

THAT mom

Weird title for a childless person right? Well, I am not THAT mom. These women are THAT mom

Plus this new one

Y’all, these women? Are freaking CRAZY. As in ‘I need to be put in a padded wall and have all my fillings removed from my teeth so I don’t hear voices anymore. Also, please make sure all shoelaces and zippers are out of my reach’ kind of crazy.

I’m really good at not getting sucked into trashy not so reality shows, but this one has me hook, line and sinker. I get so riled up by these women I can feel my heartrate getting faster and I yell at the TV like men do during sporting events

Seriously, have these women never had commen sense told to them? Their comments, fights and regular statements are completely asinine and it shocks me. I could not even think of dealing with them,

but alas, I am a sucker for their stupidity, drama and their [poor] beautiful little dancing daughters. I’m such a sucker.