From old to new

For those that have seen me about a year ago and nowadays I’ve [hopefully] visually have lost weight. Well, I have. I’ve lost enough to drop down a few dress sizes. Yippee, right? Right… but it also means I’ve had to spend more than wanted on new clothes multiple times to keep up with the loss.

I still have quite a few shirts I totally love, but engulf me, and after perusing Pinterest, got a few ideas to make what was old new again.

First up I made some shirts into workout tanks. Living in the Lone Star state, it is insanely hot a majority of the year [the high tomorrow is triple digits]. Now with my newly redone shirts I can shout to them in neon animal print that I’ve been to South Padre. They’ll be elated I’m sure. Especially since I have awesome matching neon Snoopy socks because who better to be on your run with you than Snoopy? No one, that’s who.

Another shirt I had I still wanted to be able to wear casually throughout the day without looking like I perpetually workout in running shorts, a tank, and an awesome messy ponytail complete with headband. I followed this tutorial and ended up with this. Not completely perfect, but I was afraid of making it tighter that it wouldn’t fit [previous bigger girl problem]. I still love it though, and plan to wear it with pride.


So follow those links and make some shirts new again. I promise if I am able to succeed and not completely maim my shirts, couches and animals, you won’t either!

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