My younger self would kill me

I was never big on name brand things when I was younger. In fact, I purposely stayed away from such things promising that I would never let myself get involved in such nonsense and spending so much money on something that only really promoted someone/something else. Those labels did nothing to help me, they only inflated egos of businesses and allowed them to continue to charge such outrageous prices for something that was actually worth much less than what was written on the price tag. I was a precocious little thing, huh?

Well, if my younger self could see me now, she’d knock me down and kick dirt on me. I’ve been sucked in. It started small with the delicious scents of Victoria’s Secret lotions, then grew to Jessica Simpson clothes and JS and Steve Madden Shoes. We already know I’m a sucker for shoes. Oh and my current bag I’m carrying all my May-mester stuff in. I curse JSimp on a monthly basis when I peruse her dresses and pumps. Girlfriend needs to stop stealing all my money. Then Vera Bradley came along. Oh Vera, you had me since the very beginning. The colors and patterns you have are gorgeous, and your bags were the first ones that could carry all my school crap without falling to pieces. Of course I needed one for each class; and then I needed a new pattern every season. Now, two years later, I have more bags than I’ll ever know what to do with to be honest. School is almost over though, and although I love your large Vera totes, they really aren’t what I want to carry around as a regular purse. My other purse was dying, and I needed to find an alternative.

I found that alternative. I fount it at Coach. I’ll admit, a few years ago I couldn’t STAND the large C’s all over EVERYTHING of theirs. Really, egotistical much? Here I stand, ashamed to say, my current bag has C’s on it. They’re pin-holed, so don’t stand out as much, but alas, I should be smacked. Then, I saw this beaut on my other addiction Pinterest

and I knew if I couldn’t have it, I needed something extremely similar. I also HAD.TO.HAVE. the bow. HAD.TO.

Enter the next bag I just got from the Factory On-Line Sale I couldn’t say no to.

All I need is the bow now. The one I wanted was sold out, but I’ll grab one next time I go up north to visit family and friends. My justification was I HAD.TO.HAVE. that bag I had seen. HAD.TO. Andplusalso, my current one is coral, and the good Lord knows that isn’t a color that will fly in the winter. What will I carry then? CALM DOWN, Y’ALL. I got this bag to take care of that first world problem.

What is even better [or worse whichever way you see it] is that I have a gift card to Coach that they wouldn’t let me use on my pretty up there. So? I have enough to get another one. OHEMGEE.

Dear younger self,

I am so sorry I have disappointed you with my weakness, but you’re in the past and I’m in the now so neener neener. Be jealous of my gorgeous things.


Present self.

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