Making the Switch

Well, I’ve just about made the clean switch over from Blogger to WordPress.

I’ve been dabbling with the thought of switching for the past year, and I’ve finally done it. My current issue? Remembering my password [that I just created] so I can log in through my phone. D’oh!

I have to admit, this little beaut has been around for a few days now, but I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out the whole customization and theme thing. I was getting frustrated and about peace’d out of the joint when I finally got the hang of using this stuff.

Also? I was flagged as spam for a day. That was taken care of, but for realz? My blog looked like spam? Say wha’? I realize the amount of people who actually read this is between zero and one, but that isn’t because I’m spam, it’s because what I write about doesn’t actually appeal to anyone to read. Thanks for reminding me. Awesome first impression; “Hey! Welcome, but… you know no one reads this, right?”

Pleased to meet you WordPress, I’m EMP


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