Royal Pains

I know in the past I’ve blogged about working out, and this time being “the one”. The one time I was going to continue my regime and be successful. Every one of those times I failed. Honestly, I’d let myself fail, because let’s be real, working out sucks. I secretly started the C25K program again, I’ll admit, back in like January. I’m STILL not done yet, but I’m still working through it. That is the goal right? To keep going? I may not be 100% up to par yet, but I haven’t completely crossed it off my list due to weather, or school, or work, or terrible shin splints, or any other excuse. I’m still pushing through it.

It also helps that the pup runs with me sometimes. His stamina isn’t as good as mine though, and with the increasing heat, it’s gettig worse. Sometimes he runs with me, and drags me down; sometimes I run by myself, and can no longer use him as an excuse for my slow running time. I am making future goals and plans though to keep myself motivated. Starting with babysteps, I plan on signing up for the Color Run next year. It looks like a heck of a lot of fun, and I want to run the entire thing. Once I’m succesful with a 5k, I’m going to slowly work up. My ultimate goal is to run the princess half marathon at disney… dressed as a princess… because I’ve always wanted to be a princess 😛

One day, I’ll be a running one.

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