An abated sigh

The end of my undergraduate career is coming in lightspeeds. Finals week kicks off tomorrow, and for me, ends on Wednesday.

The semester is coming to a close, and I can’t help but be excited and nervous. Excited because this semester is finally over. This is my last full semester until student teaching, and I’ll go ahead and admit that I have been checked out of this semester since about February. I don’t know if it was the subjects of classes I was in, or if the ill-fated Senioritis finally reared its ugly head at me, but I was done. I’m nervous though, because even though I’ve been anxiously waiting for this semester to end, I still want to make sure my grades are beyond superb. I’ve attempted to skate by this semester; senior year should be a cakewalk, right? I should have known better though, my skating skills have always been sub-par. Within a week, the past week, I’ve written almost 40 pages. That may not seem like much, but for a lazy math major, it is like writing Homer’s Iliad. Besides those, I’ve gotten by with little effort on many projects, but I’ve always planned to get by with minimal A’s. I want to be lazy, but I still want the grade.

The work has been somewhat rigid, and unlike what I’m used to; and honestly, I’m not really sure if any of it is actually vital to what I’ll be doing in the classroom. When I observed about a month ago, it was a breath of fresh air. I finally hit a stride and was ready to teach. Having to go back into the classroom as a student was dreadful. I wanted to teach. Now this semester is finally coming to fruition, yet with my contended sigh of relief on Wednesday, there will also be a part that is still anxious until grades are posted.

I still have two menial hurdles [a.k.a. classes] to overcome this summer, but after this week I will begin my official countdown until August. Crossing off each day putting me one step closer to my ultimate dream, and my ultimate job.

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