Starting Anew

My name is Pea, and I hereby promise to get back into this little shindig I have here. I promise I will contribute at least once a week, and I promise it’ll be more than just “Oh em gee y’all super busy!! Peace out, yo!!” I really want to get better at this, and as my last full semester in school comes to a close, I want to start sharing stories and mishaps as I try not to ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of students for the rest of my career.

I especially think it will be hysterical as I try to weave my way through my student teaching semester realizing (as if I haven’t already) that the last few years of education classes and mathematics courses have been of no help when pressed for answers by angsty, hormonal teenage kids unhappy that they’re being forced to learn such horrifics as quadratics, trigonometry and algebra. THE HORROR!!!

I (thankfully) only have a short time left of this semester, and it won’t end soon enough. Don’t get me wrong, getting more scholarship money than I actually need, and being inducted into the KDP honors society is pretty rad, but I have this thing called Senior Project that is about to drive me up the wall. So bear with me, as I try to get back into the swing of things around here. I will hopefully not disappoint.Until next time, please enjoy this. You’re welcome

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