I have a camera

Last year I jumped on the DSLR bandwagon and got straight up GANGSTA with my two additional lenses and GORGEOUS camera bag a la Jo Totes

I’ve read a few books and blogs and forums so I don’t look like a complete loon trying to play with a camera that is WAY too smarter than I am, and I have even taken it out for a spin a few times in Manual. The last time I have touched my camera has been months ago. It isn’t that I don’t want to be all up in my camera’s business, acting like a I know what I’m doing an a pronofessional, I just haven’t had the time to. First, I didn’t have time because of school, then I didn’t have time because of holidays, THEN I didn’t have time because I just didn’t have the time to change out of my pajamas during my break, and now? I’m back in school. I also don’t really have any super awesome subjects, or landscapes that I want to work with, so the motivation is lacking. I have GOT to work on the whole motivation thing.

So, my very few followers, what is your motivation? What are your best tips and tricks? How long did it take on Manual before you were shooting like a pro?

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