Pancho Villa

So there’s a new pup in the house. He’s a black lab, and at 8 months weighs more than half of what I do already. His name is Pancho Villa, and honestly? There isn’t a name more fitting. He demolishes and pillages anything he comes across. Things demolished so far: one of MY Vera Bradley bags, 3 pairs of MY shoes, MY trigonometry book, MY homework [first time I ever had to tell a teacher my dog ate my homework], MY bra.. see a trend here?

Kid apparently gets pissed when I’m not doting on him 24/7 and HATES that school takes me away from him. Before he had eaten my things, he had strewn my dry erase markers around the house because I used them when I worked on my homework.

He’s been described by strangers as ALL LAB and it has even been suggested that we should get him on doggy Ritalin. His energy has been compared to that of a toddler, his attention span is like that of a tic-tac, and the standoffs between him and the cat as well as him and his reflection in the mirror are HILARIOUS.

This guy is the first I’ve had all the way from the puppy phase and LORD I don’t know if I ever want to deal with that again. Best news yet? Labs stay in this phase until at least TWO YEARS OLD. YIPPEE!!!

I will die. Please visit my grave, and while you’re at it, bring a Milkbone. Lord knows this guy will probably stay clingy even when I’m on the other side.

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