An ode to Bakerella

I was perusing around the internets one day and saw someone post a picture and praise the great Bakerella for her beautiful and delicious cakeball designs. Ms. Ella even posted thanking her for the comment and pictures and that she loves seeing happy people and their own versions of cakeballs.

Here is my own ‘thank you’ to you, Ms. Bakerella, and the wonderfulness that are cakeballs. Mine are a little different though.

I’m sure most you see are gorgeous like these

Or just look at your own

Most people carefully prepare their balls to be gorgeous and pretty shapes. Some may use cookie cutters, or even handroll them to be perfectly spherical. And when it comes to the chocolate coating? Fuggetaboutit. Look at how smooth the above ones are. So smooth you could bounce a quarter off it.

I started my cakeball adventures when I made Thanksgiving dinner last year for the officers. Its a tradition that I plan to keep until I can no longer stay awake until 4am to feed all of them. They all get a chance to eat at my home, but usually have to leave quickly. I wanted to make them a dessert that they could eat by hand in the car if they needed to bolt out of here in a hurry. Coco made me some one day, I ate them and they were AMAZING and so travel friendly, so I copied her. They ended up geing like whatever that chip slogan was about not stopping at one, and I’ve been making them ever since.

Are you ready to see mine?

Those are the ugliest cakeballs ever right?

My cakeballs are by no means picture perfect, or photogenic. I’ve never been complimented on how they look.

I’m the first to say it. Mine aren’t even hand rolled. I use an ice cream scoop because I’m lazy. They’re more like cake hemispheres, but I’ve gotten SO.MANY.COMPLIMENTS. about how they taste its crazy.

You see Ms. Ella, I make these for the husband and his fellow officers. In fact, I have to make 2 batches just to survive in the briefing room for two hours and a total of no more than probably 30ish officers. Each batch makes about 40-50 hemispheres, so yea, you’re doing the math right, 100 hemispheres completely gone in 2 hours.

I’m actually known throughout the department for them, even a couple of the CHEIFS loves them. I’m super cereal Ms. Ella. The love has gone all the way to the top here. My favorite compliments are the ones accusing me of making them fat. I also love that I’ve gotten 2 wedding proposals from it.

So while mine are not beautiful or awe inspiring for their physical appearance, they are the talk of the department, always loved, and always complimented! So thank you Bakerella for the greatest dessert idea EVER!

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