When nerds get bored

So it has been only 3 weeks FOR.EV.ER. since I’ve been in school, and I have gotten so bored.

First, I made my barometer jar to tell me that we’ve only had rain ONCE in the past few months.

And because I’m a GIRL nerd, I used a pink balloon. And because I LOVE pickles, I had this jar laying around.

After the .02 seconds it took to make my awesometastic weather monitor, I was bored again. The mister already shot down my dreams of playing with Jawbreakers and microwaves


and also, he shattered all my hopes in life when he nixed my idea to build a particle accelerator in my home a la Tony Stark. Something about it “being dangerous” and not only killing me, but leveling our entire neighborhood. Whatever, in both this and the jawbreaker case I would have TOTALLY worn safety goggles.

So, to pass the time I ended up making my own laundry soap, which was actually fairly simple as well as hysterical when I put the lid on sudsing bubbles in hot water. Finally enough pressure had built up to blow the lid off, and THAT ladies and gents is the only explosion that has happened at the house this summer. Tragic.
I also got these from the store

Exciting! So what I do is grab a handful and try to figure out how many words I can spell with what I got. SO.MUCH.FUN. Then I eat them. SO.TASTY.AND.DELICIOUS.

I’ve also been doing a lot of these

Cute and smarty pants fun all wrapped together in one book! In fact, I’ve finished this particular book. No worries, I have 5 more 🙂 It all started with this one though, and Steffie-poo was the person who gave it to me. I luff her. They’re logic puzzles, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why other people don’t think they are fun.

Here’s an example one:

Totally fun, right? Right.

So, I’ve found a few things to keep me busy, and they’re fun and all, BUT not a single thing would be more fun than an exploding Jawbreaker or my own personal particle accelerator. Husband never lets me have ANY fun

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