Oh, its a wonderful day in the interwebs

Hello boys and girls,

Today we’re going to talk about sweaters. It has been an infinite amount of days above triple digits, but I am already on the hunt for sweaters. Specifically Mr. Rogers type sweaters. I’m completely in love with cardigans this winter, and I especially love ones that could have been featured in the Mr. Rogers line. I don’t know why. Perhaps I love the show a little too much, maybe I still wish I could live in that little castle,

maybe I want to get discounts from AARP quicker. Whatever the reason is, I’m on the hunt, and it may not stop until I have one in every color. I wish I could find some more girly too, with cute little flowers, so maybe I could be more like a Mrs. Rogers, and perhaps wear my math shoes with them to only make myself more nerdy. That’s what I need, right?

Anywho, it is really hard to find sweaters right now when the weatherman compares our temperatures to the inside of Dante’s Inferno, but when school rolls around in a couple weeks, I’ll need them because they like to keep classrooms cool enough to store meat, which is a good thing because it helps keep my necklace fresh and hair of the Bozo variety

So while I’ll look like a moron to the outside community, in my classes I won’t turn into an ice cube. Now I just need to accessorize… with more meat perhaps.

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