THAT mom

Weird title for a childless person right? Well, I am not THAT mom. These women are THAT mom

Plus this new one

Y’all, these women? Are freaking CRAZY. As in ‘I need to be put in a padded wall and have all my fillings removed from my teeth so I don’t hear voices anymore. Also, please make sure all shoelaces and zippers are out of my reach’ kind of crazy.

I’m really good at not getting sucked into trashy not so reality shows, but this one has me hook, line and sinker. I get so riled up by these women I can feel my heartrate getting faster and I yell at the TV like men do during sporting events

Seriously, have these women never had commen sense told to them? Their comments, fights and regular statements are completely asinine and it shocks me. I could not even think of dealing with them,

but alas, I am a sucker for their stupidity, drama and their [poor] beautiful little dancing daughters. I’m such a sucker.


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