Consider this a PSA

Recently here in SmallTown, USA two punk kids (>18) decided to steal a bunch of things from cars. We’re talking iPads, stereos, purses, computers, phones whatever could be of value in someone’s car ridiculously expensive college books.

So what resulted was a bunch of broken windows and windsheilds in cars right? WRONG. These punk kids only hit cars in a particular complex of ONLY UNLOCKED VEHICLES. Y’all these punk kids would have made bank if they hadn’t been caught. All because of the stupidity of the common citizen.

I’m rude for saying that right? Wrong. Y’all, leaving your car unlocked is basically giving your crap stuff over to criminals. If you don’t care enough to keep your stuff locked and protected, you shouldn’t care enough whether or not it gets stolen. I’m just speaking the truth.

The punk kids? Actually said something along the lines of “Everyone knows if you’re going to steal stuff, go to SmallTown, USA.” That statement right there unfortunately shows that the criminals are smarter than the citizens.

One of Mister’s officer buddies (and mine), we shall call him Biggs, actually saw a car that was still on [key in the ignition] and unlocked sitting in front of a gas station. Its ok, right? Because you can SO TOTALLY SEE YOUR CAR while you’re sitting in the gas station wondering if you want Mountain Dew Pitch Black, or Orange Fanta. TOTALLY LOOKING AT YOUR CAR AT THE TIME. and its definitely okay when you’re talking to the attendant at the cash register, because while you’re shooting the breeze with Earl, you’re TOTALLY LOOKIN AT YOUR CAR AT THE TIME. Well, not so much. You see, Biggs walked completely around the car, opened the driver’s side door and SAT IN THE SEAT. BEHIND THE WHEEL. and homeskillet inside had no idea. All this happened within minutes.

Do you think a criminal won’t do the same? Do you think they won’t do that especially when the vehicle is in a dark area? with little to no lighting? and the owner is nowhere to be found?

Y’all, most of you are taught to believe in the good in humanity. To have faith that people are genuinely good inside. I’m sure some are, but also there are those who prey on the weak, only think of themselves, and will take what they need no matter the consequence. Sorry, but its life.

Please for the love of all that is good and right in this world lock your car door. It takes <.02 seconds to do it, and there is a better chance that your stuff will be untouched the next time you get into your car. And if you don’t lock your door, and your crap stuff gets stolen? Don’t whine about it, because frankly? Its your own damn fault.

Even if you don’t have anything in your car, still lock it. What’s more valuable than the contents of the car? THE EVERLOVING CAR ITSELF. And others like those punk kids will NOT hesitate to steal your car.

You know what I saw today? A city car completely unlocked in a parking lot. Granted, there wasn’t anything that could be stolen inside the car, but you know? The car could still be stolen. Pretty awesome right? Try explaining that to the bossman. Good luck.

3 thoughts on “Consider this a PSA

  1. I have always known that if you want to rob someone go to small town USA. It is very true most people here don't lock their doors. From a town with 3 stop lights, and two of them on main street Yeah its small town stuff here. I hate to say it but I dont lock the doors half the time. You know not unless we go over to that other town. That town is bad. T-rex keeps getting on me about it. I might get better at the car door, but the house. ..well that is going to take some time.

  2. Speaking from experience (my families experience) this DOES happen. Within 3 months my stepmom, sister and brother had things stolen from their vehicles sitting in the driveway/on the street in front of the house. They cried foul when these things were stolen but THEY left their iPods, navagation systems and after-market stereo's in plain sight. If it's valuable and not permanently attached to the vehicle, take it inside with you!

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