I need to procrastinate

I have been working more than should be allowed thanks to the amount of school I thought would be good for me. I’ve got 2 problems left tonight for my statistics class, and although I could probably just do them, I refuse until I take a break.
I’m in the process of finishing up a so quick it should already be done shopping list to create a barometer out of a jar [under the Earth Science section], straw and balloon. Why create a barometer? Well, why not?
I apologize for the awkward positioning, Blogger has “revamped” their image positioning stuff and its all sorts of messed up.
I made one back in 4th-5th grade, but thanks to a probably uncaring or forgetful teacher or the fact that rain only falls during the apocalypse ’round these parts we never got the chance to watch it work. We still don’t have a need for one due to the lack of rain, but I have pickle jars that need to be used for something.
Also? That treasure trove of different experiements and lessons on just his website alone [not including all the once I’ve thought of myself, or get from other sources]? YES PLEASE! I want to do them all. In fact, I might do a few of them when I have a month off from school in August. Just more proof that shows I should probably get at least a minor in science just because I love it. Going to school because you love it? True signs of an awesome student teacher.
P.S. you should totally be friends with Bill Nye on Facebook. I love that bow-tied guy. He’s freaking awesome.
Ohhh hey, speaking of wasting time on things you shouldn’t be doing because you have other work that needs to be done, check out Hidato puzzles. You’re welcome.

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