Holy high-five

Have I mentioned I love math?

Have I mentioned I want to teach math?

Have I mentioned to you my summer school schedule? Its ridiculous. The May-mester I’m in now is daily for 4 hours with pages of written homework to do each night. Stab me with a lead-filled pencil. I’ve only been in the class for 4 days. I still have a week and a half left and then? Then? I have 2 classes in June. Class from 8-4:30 each day. I’m a glutton for punishment right? That doesn’t even take into consideration my July class, 6 Fall classes, 6 Spring classes and another May class next year. Its tough. It really is.

Right now, I just want to have a break, I’m tired of pushing myself like this, I can feel myself getting burned out, but I can’t stop. The faster I get through this, the faster I get to do what I want. What I love. Teach math. Hopefully teach students to know, understand and even love math like I do. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I think it would be.

Next year is my last. Its my finish line, and I can’t wait. But right now? I’m getting burned out. When this happens though, I get these awesome little teasers. Like tutoring a 5th grader. That’s ultimately the step below teaching an entire gaggle of students. It starts in June and it’ll be amazing. I want to make it amazing not only for me, but for the student. Its my first arm’s reach opportunity to doing what I want. That teaser came to me over a month ago though, and recently, its seeped out of my inner-motivational hub and doesn’t give me that caffeinated shot of adrenaline to power through the hard times.

But tonight? I got another shot. Someone else wants me to tutor their student. It isn’t entirely set yet, but its more on the yes side than the no. Y’all its another one. These people believe in me. They have faith in my ability to help their kids. They’re giving me a chance to get a sweet, sweet taste of what I’m waiting for. So why the post title? These little teasers, these chances I’m getting? Are like little high-fives from Jesus. They’re like small little pep talks from the man upstairs telling me all my hard work, my workload, and the stress is all worth it because I’m doing what I should be doing. And that? is pretty awesome.

Talk about the ultimate motivation. It can’t be better than this until I’m in my own classroom surrounded by my students, cheesy math posters plastered all over the wall, and the ultimate of ultimates

My talking Einstein bobblehead doll on my desk

I’m so close y’all. The finish line is visible and I’m sprinting towards it.

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