A hell of a sell

I won’t deny it. I live in the south. With the south, comes accents and this town isn’t without its own.

My parents would laugh when I was an angsty high school cheerleader, and as a squad we would spell the word touchdown during football games. Close your eyes, and pretend like you’re going into a flashback with those chimey transitional sounds. Here’s how we sounded:

T-O-U-C-H-D-O-DUBYA-N!!! We said it loud. We said it proud. We said it with twang. Professor Henry Higgins would roll in his grave.

We had some big storms over the past month, who hasn’t and Mother Nature was on some serious mood swings and PMSing like her crazy aunt was coming to visit her soon.

Wouldn’t you hate to be known as the “period lady” for the rest of your life? This woman will have a lagacy.

Those storms came with wind [because we don’t already get enough of it] and hail. Like ambulance chasing lawyers, roof repair flyers were strewn about the entire city as if it were being re-wallpapered, paintles dent repair car places popped up like those little gopher guys in that one game

and more hilariously, the local car dealerships started their commercials about hail sales of just barely damaged cars. Or thanks to the good ol’ southern twang we have around these parts, hell sells. Listening, I can’t help but laugh. I wonder what people from out of town and state think when they hear this. Are they able to figure out exactly what announcer guy is talking about, or do they think it is Satan’s own personal business with a witty business name to match his style and product.

Outsiders are in luck though, those that need translations can get the newest edition of Rosetta Stone coming soon to a store near you!


One thought on “A hell of a sell

  1. LOL! Half of my husband's family dwells in the south and I truly have trouble understanding them! I need that rosetta stone! 🙂 I do love hearing their southern expressions on skype each week though. Warms my heart. And yeah, poor period lady as she will be known from here on out. Keep safe down there from all that "hell"! 🙂

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