The world’s next great mind

is not currently wasting away at the local 7-11 here. I promise.

This past Saturday, I went to the local gas station to grab a Pepsi before work started, because I’m an addict it is muy delicioso

When I get up to the register, the cashier dude spots my university ID and says “Hey do you go there?”
Obviously my initial response was, “Well no, I just really wanted to get in on the free upgrade to a large popcorn at the local movie theatre, so I just made a fake one”
I was nice, and trying to give him the benefit of the doubt said “Yep”. Short. Sweet. To the point. The point being, I wasn’t interested in carrying on a random conversation about my life with some random guy at a gas station.
He wouldn’t just take “Yep” though, and let me preface this next part by showing you the shirt I was wearing that day

Even someone not tuned in to the awesomeness of Pythagoras’ work would know that is a math shirt. It says Math Team on the shirt and the debonare homie on there is holding a protractor for freaking sake.

So, the next intelligent question out of his mouth “What are you majoring in?”

Again, the obvious answer I wanted to say was “Subtlety.” You know, because what person in their right mind would wear a shirt like that if they kind of weren’t a slight fan of math. Really? REALLY?

Again, being nice and seriously wanting to just pay for my drink and leave I answered the guy, paid and left, feeling a little less faith in humanity. Drugs kill, mushrooms trip, and sniffing paint thinner will never help, but hurt.

I just wanted a Pepsi


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