I don’t do groups

Finals are coming up this week, but for a specific class, Group Communications, our final was done this past week through a speech. We had to solve a problem within our group, report on it, and report on how the group as a whole was able to work. I did the speech, and over all learned that working in groups should be helpful when doing things, and that working with groups really isn’t that bad. Honestly though, I don’t like groups. Or people. Or working with others.

Fast forward to my final I have for my Math Ed class. We were partnered up and given two lessons. We need to do a 3 page write-up explaining the class instruction, as well as coming up with a classroom activitiy. We sat down the first day to brainstorm, and honestly? I wasn’t impressed. We were both batting zero for the most part, and although this class sould be an easy A for me already, I wasn’t about to throw this grade away. So what did I do? With all of my information and knowledge I gained from my Small Groups Comm class, I ended up…

doing the entire thing myself.

My prof would have failed me lol

really though, its in the bag, its easy, and not to mention I can come up with a limitless number of excuses since she’ll be an elementary teacher, and I’ll be an actual math teacher, I’ll benefit more from it, right? RIGHT?!?

SO, the moral of this story is. Well, there isn’t one. And one day, I’m going to be forced into group participation unwillingly and have to deal with the awkwardness all over again. Until then though, so long as I do all the work by myself, don’t have to play well with others, and get a good grade, I don’t really mind it 🙂


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