Um HELLO out there!!!

Live from my new laptop! I hope you have all been able to keep yourselves entertained while I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth been really busy with school totally an excuse

I’m going to level with each and every one of y’all. I am ridiculously lazy.

Shocking, I know.

Anywho, doing all of my writing from my desktop in the office/mancave, in an uncomfortable office chair, with a tiny TV facing away so I can’t watch TV, just wasn’t enticing for me, so I rarely did it.

Now? I’m lounging in the living room, in a recliner, with a 55″ TV all up in my peripheral vison. Yes.Please.

Also though, school this semester has been nothing short of exhausting and since finals are next week, this is my first weekend since January that I haven’t had homework to do. Should I be prepping for finals? Perhaps. But I need a break.

I am a glutton for punishment though, and have a total of 4 classes this Summer to take, 6 in the Fall, 6 in the Spring and 1 next May and hopefully by then, all I’ll have to do is prepare for student teaching next Fall (2012, before the world ends. Thank you Mayans)

I’m hoping that all my classes really turn into a snowball effect, and next May comes in 20.4 seconds.

I have some good news from the Mister, but kind of can’t report it yet, because I don’t know which eyes read this, and who can be told yet. So, stay tuned.

I totally hope this little technological lapdog buddy of mine will help me write more. Remember the good ol’ insomniac days when I’d write all.the.time.? I miss those days (not the lack of sleep) and I hope to resurrect this little corner of the internets of mine.

Keep watching as I attempt to sew a little case for my laptop, it should be hysterical and make you cry at my lack of domesticness.

Oh! But a woman has put her faith in my ability to not ruin her son’s future in mathematics help her son essentially not forget his math skillz over the summer and I’ll be a professional “tutor-while-still-in-college” student. I think its going to be pretty awesome, and I can’t wait.

The math department at the university has had more faith in me lately as well in different venues including, but not limited to, giving me a scholarship kind of like saying “Hey, you aren’t a complete moron and we appreciate that”. So my fear of Bill Nye Flunk’d-ing me? All just a dramatization of nothing that ever happened in the real world.

I love that guy.


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