Holy high-five

Have I mentioned I love math?

Have I mentioned I want to teach math?

Have I mentioned to you my summer school schedule? Its ridiculous. The May-mester I’m in now is daily for 4 hours with pages of written homework to do each night. Stab me with a lead-filled pencil. I’ve only been in the class for 4 days. I still have a week and a half left and then? Then? I have 2 classes in June. Class from 8-4:30 each day. I’m a glutton for punishment right? That doesn’t even take into consideration my July class, 6 Fall classes, 6 Spring classes and another May class next year. Its tough. It really is.

Right now, I just want to have a break, I’m tired of pushing myself like this, I can feel myself getting burned out, but I can’t stop. The faster I get through this, the faster I get to do what I want. What I love. Teach math. Hopefully teach students to know, understand and even love math like I do. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I think it would be.

Next year is my last. Its my finish line, and I can’t wait. But right now? I’m getting burned out. When this happens though, I get these awesome little teasers. Like tutoring a 5th grader. That’s ultimately the step below teaching an entire gaggle of students. It starts in June and it’ll be amazing. I want to make it amazing not only for me, but for the student. Its my first arm’s reach opportunity to doing what I want. That teaser came to me over a month ago though, and recently, its seeped out of my inner-motivational hub and doesn’t give me that caffeinated shot of adrenaline to power through the hard times.

But tonight? I got another shot. Someone else wants me to tutor their student. It isn’t entirely set yet, but its more on the yes side than the no. Y’all its another one. These people believe in me. They have faith in my ability to help their kids. They’re giving me a chance to get a sweet, sweet taste of what I’m waiting for. So why the post title? These little teasers, these chances I’m getting? Are like little high-fives from Jesus. They’re like small little pep talks from the man upstairs telling me all my hard work, my workload, and the stress is all worth it because I’m doing what I should be doing. And that? is pretty awesome.

Talk about the ultimate motivation. It can’t be better than this until I’m in my own classroom surrounded by my students, cheesy math posters plastered all over the wall, and the ultimate of ultimates

My talking Einstein bobblehead doll on my desk

I’m so close y’all. The finish line is visible and I’m sprinting towards it.

A hell of a sell

I won’t deny it. I live in the south. With the south, comes accents and this town isn’t without its own.

My parents would laugh when I was an angsty high school cheerleader, and as a squad we would spell the word touchdown during football games. Close your eyes, and pretend like you’re going into a flashback with those chimey transitional sounds. Here’s how we sounded:

T-O-U-C-H-D-O-DUBYA-N!!! We said it loud. We said it proud. We said it with twang. Professor Henry Higgins would roll in his grave.

We had some big storms over the past month, who hasn’t and Mother Nature was on some serious mood swings and PMSing like her crazy aunt was coming to visit her soon.

Wouldn’t you hate to be known as the “period lady” for the rest of your life? This woman will have a lagacy.

Those storms came with wind [because we don’t already get enough of it] and hail. Like ambulance chasing lawyers, roof repair flyers were strewn about the entire city as if it were being re-wallpapered, paintles dent repair car places popped up like those little gopher guys in that one game

and more hilariously, the local car dealerships started their commercials about hail sales of just barely damaged cars. Or thanks to the good ol’ southern twang we have around these parts, hell sells. Listening, I can’t help but laugh. I wonder what people from out of town and state think when they hear this. Are they able to figure out exactly what announcer guy is talking about, or do they think it is Satan’s own personal business with a witty business name to match his style and product.

Outsiders are in luck though, those that need translations can get the newest edition of Rosetta Stone coming soon to a store near you!

100th Post!

I have officially made it to triple digit blog posts, and what better to talk about but the lack of patience I have at the end of the semester!

This week is finals week and being the freak over-achiever I am, I am DYING to know what I made in my classes. I think I’ve got a total of 4 A’s and 2 B’s but it won’t be legit until teacherfolks post their final grades. Which aren’t due until MAY 17TH. OMG its taking FOREVER.

How am I supposed to relax during my [one-day] vacation without knowing my grades. HOW.

I’m kicking off my “vacation” with a ride along. Hopefully fantasitcal awesome stories of morons, idiots, the bottom percentile of what are considered human beings criminals who think that doing stupid and illegal things are a good idea will be coming soon.

The world’s next great mind

is not currently wasting away at the local 7-11 here. I promise.

This past Saturday, I went to the local gas station to grab a Pepsi before work started, because I’m an addict it is muy delicioso

When I get up to the register, the cashier dude spots my university ID and says “Hey do you go there?”
Obviously my initial response was, “Well no, I just really wanted to get in on the free upgrade to a large popcorn at the local movie theatre, so I just made a fake one”
I was nice, and trying to give him the benefit of the doubt said “Yep”. Short. Sweet. To the point. The point being, I wasn’t interested in carrying on a random conversation about my life with some random guy at a gas station.
He wouldn’t just take “Yep” though, and let me preface this next part by showing you the shirt I was wearing that day

Even someone not tuned in to the awesomeness of Pythagoras’ work would know that is a math shirt. It says Math Team on the shirt and the debonare homie on there is holding a protractor for freaking sake.

So, the next intelligent question out of his mouth “What are you majoring in?”

Again, the obvious answer I wanted to say was “Subtlety.” You know, because what person in their right mind would wear a shirt like that if they kind of weren’t a slight fan of math. Really? REALLY?

Again, being nice and seriously wanting to just pay for my drink and leave I answered the guy, paid and left, feeling a little less faith in humanity. Drugs kill, mushrooms trip, and sniffing paint thinner will never help, but hurt.

I just wanted a Pepsi

I don’t do groups

Finals are coming up this week, but for a specific class, Group Communications, our final was done this past week through a speech. We had to solve a problem within our group, report on it, and report on how the group as a whole was able to work. I did the speech, and over all learned that working in groups should be helpful when doing things, and that working with groups really isn’t that bad. Honestly though, I don’t like groups. Or people. Or working with others.

Fast forward to my final I have for my Math Ed class. We were partnered up and given two lessons. We need to do a 3 page write-up explaining the class instruction, as well as coming up with a classroom activitiy. We sat down the first day to brainstorm, and honestly? I wasn’t impressed. We were both batting zero for the most part, and although this class sould be an easy A for me already, I wasn’t about to throw this grade away. So what did I do? With all of my information and knowledge I gained from my Small Groups Comm class, I ended up…

doing the entire thing myself.

My prof would have failed me lol

really though, its in the bag, its easy, and not to mention I can come up with a limitless number of excuses since she’ll be an elementary teacher, and I’ll be an actual math teacher, I’ll benefit more from it, right? RIGHT?!?

SO, the moral of this story is. Well, there isn’t one. And one day, I’m going to be forced into group participation unwillingly and have to deal with the awkwardness all over again. Until then though, so long as I do all the work by myself, don’t have to play well with others, and get a good grade, I don’t really mind it 🙂

Um HELLO out there!!!

Live from my new laptop! I hope you have all been able to keep yourselves entertained while I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth been really busy with school totally an excuse

I’m going to level with each and every one of y’all. I am ridiculously lazy.

Shocking, I know.

Anywho, doing all of my writing from my desktop in the office/mancave, in an uncomfortable office chair, with a tiny TV facing away so I can’t watch TV, just wasn’t enticing for me, so I rarely did it.

Now? I’m lounging in the living room, in a recliner, with a 55″ TV all up in my peripheral vison. Yes.Please.

Also though, school this semester has been nothing short of exhausting and since finals are next week, this is my first weekend since January that I haven’t had homework to do. Should I be prepping for finals? Perhaps. But I need a break.

I am a glutton for punishment though, and have a total of 4 classes this Summer to take, 6 in the Fall, 6 in the Spring and 1 next May and hopefully by then, all I’ll have to do is prepare for student teaching next Fall (2012, before the world ends. Thank you Mayans)

I’m hoping that all my classes really turn into a snowball effect, and next May comes in 20.4 seconds.

I have some good news from the Mister, but kind of can’t report it yet, because I don’t know which eyes read this, and who can be told yet. So, stay tuned.

I totally hope this little technological lapdog buddy of mine will help me write more. Remember the good ol’ insomniac days when I’d write all.the.time.? I miss those days (not the lack of sleep) and I hope to resurrect this little corner of the internets of mine.

Keep watching as I attempt to sew a little case for my laptop, it should be hysterical and make you cry at my lack of domesticness.

Oh! But a woman has put her faith in my ability to not ruin her son’s future in mathematics help her son essentially not forget his math skillz over the summer and I’ll be a professional “tutor-while-still-in-college” student. I think its going to be pretty awesome, and I can’t wait.

The math department at the university has had more faith in me lately as well in different venues including, but not limited to, giving me a scholarship kind of like saying “Hey, you aren’t a complete moron and we appreciate that”. So my fear of Bill Nye Flunk’d-ing me? All just a dramatization of nothing that ever happened in the real world.

I love that guy.