Photography Giveaway

We’ll be back to regularly scheduled bloggling shortly. I PROMISE this time y’all, its just that school has been smothering me taking over my life. I AM taking more classes than a sane person would during the summer, but to go on the timeline in my head, I have to. I should hopefully get back here more often though if these teachers would stop houning me with homework and studying.

Today’s post is for a giveaway. A photography giveaway, that I couldn’t pass up. I am not a professional, by all means, but maybe after winning this, I could be. I’ve always loved having a camera in my hands, but the creativity, skill and talent has always been nonexistent. I’m working to change that on my own, but with help? It could happen faster.

Here’s the link to it with all the gory details, but please? For me? Don’t enter it. My chances are already far too bleak 🙂 Instead, I think you should spam their email saying it’d be in their best interest to pick me to win.