I have this fear

When I was a wee tyke, this movie made its debut and was hailed as a wonderful kids movie.

Honestly? The alien creeped me out. A glowing finger, the way he walked, YOU CAN SEE HIS HEART GLOWING, and especially when he was “sick” or something and he was all white. Skeeved me out. I wasn’t a fan, but overall I had just pushed it to the back of my mind as a movie I don’t want to watch again.
WELL. It didn’t end there. In fact, with help from my older brother, it sparked a fear. A fear of aliens. Brother, you may not remember this, but I do. Vividly. So sit back and reminisce with me when you stole my childhood innocence and my potential to be some sort of rich and famous extra terrestrial explorer in my adulthood.
I do not remember the details of the fateful conversation we had, but what I do remember is my older brother convincing me that his finger could actually attack and shoot at people and that ET ate kids. Like me. I had a terrible nighmare that night about ET waddling chasing me, lasers shooting from his fingers, trying to kill and eat me. I never watched that horrid movie again and to this day refuse to watch it.
Enter the new terror
That ^ is Paul [I guess. Paul is a strange name for an alien, but I won’t judge]
Husband has seen the previews and WANTS to see this movie. He thinks it is hilarious, and although he may be right, I will not be watching it with him. I am still traumatized from my first alien experience and refuse to watch it. Plus with how much effects have gotten better, I can only assume he’ll be more realistic and freak me out even more. Don’t trust the blue eyes and inviting smile y’all. His teeth are sharper than a great white shark’s, and intergalactic travel makes him extremely hungry. Hungry for the poor innocent souls of earthlings!

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