I hate the world right now

How very emo of me I know, but my reason is true and sincere.

At this time, let us assume my use of the word world means the general public in the US.

In this world, we romanticize celebrities who fall off the wagon. We applaud those who kill themselves due to drugs and alcohol. We put them on a pedestal almost, just to watch in excitement as they tumble off of it. There’s someone that’s been in the tabloids recently that I won’t even mention their name, because I do not believe they should be getting the recognition they’re getting right now due to their shortfalls.

Their name has been plastered on magazines, blog sites and television screens and even will be getting a Guiness World Record for the greatest number of followers gained in 24 hours. The production they were a part of fired him and refused to put up with his destructive, toxic behavior, and now this person is rumored to have shows and stations coming out of the wazoo to sign them for their own show. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t seen or heard a ridiculous comment they said reposted as statuses on Facebook or added to whatever those Twitter things are with the # sign [#thispersonshouldn’tbegettingthepopularitytheyarebecausetheyhaven’tdoneanythingbutintroducefailureintosociety]

I’ve seen/heard more about this person, than the US Representative who is still healing and fighting every day from being shot in Arizona two months ago. Do you know that she is healing so well that she may be able to watch her husband lift-off into space in April at the launch site?

This same situation has happened before with another who has skipped out on a jail sentence due to their celebrity, another made stupid comments about a cocaine addiction, and another was laughed at when they shaved their head.

Papparazzi and the general public swarm in masses to watch as a frail body of a person goes further and further into decline, until they can no longer handle the weight of the world, their follies and their new drug/alcohol induced expectations and the person breaks.

The world needs to stop being an enabler and praise good behavior. Take the camera lense and status updates and share positivity and successfulness, rather than poor choices. What examples are we showing the following generations with our actions?

Dear world,

Please get it together.

I have this fear

When I was a wee tyke, this movie made its debut and was hailed as a wonderful kids movie.

Honestly? The alien creeped me out. A glowing finger, the way he walked, YOU CAN SEE HIS HEART GLOWING, and especially when he was “sick” or something and he was all white. Skeeved me out. I wasn’t a fan, but overall I had just pushed it to the back of my mind as a movie I don’t want to watch again.
WELL. It didn’t end there. In fact, with help from my older brother, it sparked a fear. A fear of aliens. Brother, you may not remember this, but I do. Vividly. So sit back and reminisce with me when you stole my childhood innocence and my potential to be some sort of rich and famous extra terrestrial explorer in my adulthood.
I do not remember the details of the fateful conversation we had, but what I do remember is my older brother convincing me that his finger could actually attack and shoot at people and that ET ate kids. Like me. I had a terrible nighmare that night about ET waddling chasing me, lasers shooting from his fingers, trying to kill and eat me. I never watched that horrid movie again and to this day refuse to watch it.
Enter the new terror
That ^ is Paul [I guess. Paul is a strange name for an alien, but I won’t judge]
Husband has seen the previews and WANTS to see this movie. He thinks it is hilarious, and although he may be right, I will not be watching it with him. I am still traumatized from my first alien experience and refuse to watch it. Plus with how much effects have gotten better, I can only assume he’ll be more realistic and freak me out even more. Don’t trust the blue eyes and inviting smile y’all. His teeth are sharper than a great white shark’s, and intergalactic travel makes him extremely hungry. Hungry for the poor innocent souls of earthlings!