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I promise I have not fallen off the wagon. Okay I have. A bit. Let us carry on though! This week’s prompt that I am chosing: A Favorite Valentine’s Tradition

Our tradition is an odd one I think, maybe not. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day ON V-day. We celebrate it on another day around the 14th.

Let us do that weird wavy thing that happens on TV when someone goes into dream- or past-mode.




It all started when Husband was still a young buck on the wrestling team in high school. Ever so committed to supporting him [good to know that hasn’t stopped yet. Kiss ass? Perhaps. Supportive? More than you could ever imagine] instead of preparing for an evening filled with wining sparkling grape juicing and dining, I was sitting in the stands of an opponent’s school gym cheering on the Mister. Even then, we both understood that it wasn’t the day that made it special, but what happened on the day that made it special. A few days later, we went out and pretended like it was our very own Valentine’s day. It kind of was.

As the years collected, and the Mister had other more important obligations ::coughcoughMILITARYcoughAFGHANISTANcoughBEINGACOP:: we pushed the meaning of the 14th aside and celebrated when it was more convienient for us both. The only time we celebrated it on the “correct” date was the year he proposed [And OMG I can’t believe how cliche it totally is to get engaged on Valentine’s. So.cheesy. but it happened, so whatevs] and right after I said yes and he put the ring on my finger, what did we do? Went to help out at the high school’s wrestling tourney. Complete circle? Yes.

So my favorite tradition, is breaking the tradition. In his lines of work, we tend to break traditions a lot and I’m okay with that. In fact, I think I like it most because we remember why we should be celebrating rather than having to celebrate.

Now its your turn! Go here and pick what you want to write about, then link up!

10 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop

  1. Nice post! I agree. Love should not only be shared on V-Day. Me and hubby also try and go out once in a while and not specifically on V-Day. And also we don't have any special traditions when it comes to Valentines. Just wing it, I guess.

  2. I enjoyed this!! Funny! We for sure like to go out to dinner on a different date. All the crowds, all the extra dressing up, and the fixed price (couldn't spell the fancy French words for this!!) menus bug me. :-)But, on Valentines? I expect my box 'o chocolates!Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  3. I, too, love not following traditions. Making our own is so much more fun. Plus, if you celebrate Valentine's Day on a day other than, then your dinner and any gifts may be cheaper, too!

  4. We never celebrate Valentine's Day ON the day…but because, well, we're fussy.If we're going out for a special dinner, we hate to be locked into a "special" (generally fixed) and overpriced menu, surrounded by cheesy heart adorned decorations.Ditto for New Year's Eve, too (which is for amateurs).Stopping by from Writer's Workshop!

  5. We don't really celebrate it much either. We're not too caught up with dates. We celebrated our one year anniversary a month early…just worked out better for us that way.

  6. We haven't celebrated this in years (been married 26)… except the year I bought him a new thigh-holster. It was then I realized V-Day is just a good excuse to buy each other the gifts that seemed too impractical for Christmas đŸ˜‰

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