All work and no play, makes something something

You know the drill. In this case it doesn’t really have to do with working or playing, but more about getting cabin fever and wanting to run out of this house full force.

Can I escape? Of course, however, with 3″ of packed ice replacing the roads and my record of driving, escaping is not a very financially logical option.
Day 1 I was STOKED. No school. Play in the snow. Stay home underneath heaps of blankets. Making s’mores by the fireplace with the Mister.

[That is my school board so I know what is due when. Also, its easier to do difficult math problems on it because its a LOT easier to erase and just completely start over]

The littlest child is less than thrilled.
The big kid is a little more excited, but loses enthusiasm within minutes.

Day 2 is a little less exciting. I’ve been watching terrible movies and trying to keep connected to the rest of the world through the internet on my phone. The big kid wanted to go play, but it just wasn’t in the cards today. It was entirely too cold and the excitement had dwindled immensely.

Day 3 is tomorrow, and I’ve been feeling antsy since this evening so I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like. Perhaps I’ll finish my blanket I haven’t been working on for a year. I’ll probably end up playing in the snow by myself since Husband will be sleeping for work. Besides that, there still won’t be much else to do. It’ll still be below freezing. I fear another cancellation on Friday. WHAT WILL I DO. Tell me. Please.

This is why I don’t do well with snow. Besides the insistent whining about the cold, I do NOT fair well being held up in on place for an extended period of time. So please internets, what shall I do tomorrow, and perhaps Friday?

I do not want to get imaginary drunk and see imaginary creepy twins staring back at me. I’d have to imagniary kill them for trespassing on my property.


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