What has become of me?

This Christmas season has been a real eye-opener for me. I’m getting old. Go ahead and laugh at me for making such a naive statement. No really, its ok. I’ll wait

You done? Okay good. Now that you have that out of your system, let me explain myself. First and foremost, I made out like a bandit for Christmas. I am truly blessed for everyone in my life. With the ability to cross everything off my wish list, I discovered that I am no longer the bright-eyed youngster I once was. I’m getting older and my wish list is the first to show it. This Christmas was an exciting one for me.

My first gift I was actually allowed to open before Christmas and my house guests arrived. It was from my kids [both furry on four legs, at least one dog, the other you already know is a cat/dog hybrid of some sort]. My mother had the pleasure of giving it to me for them 😉 it was a Shark Steam Mop!

Yes, my first gift was for cleaning purposes and YES! I was ridiculously excited to use it and YES!!! I enjoyed using it on my tile floor so much I couldn’t stop, not even when it was already cleaned.

I also got an apron. Y’all its cute in all its pink bow and hound sooth glory.

I also got a Kitchenaid mixer and I’m pretty sure I yelled and squealed when I got that bad boy. I’m already hoping for the ice cream maker attachment for my birthday [OMG what’s wrong with me? OLD!]

Last, but certainly not least of my proof of aging, I got a Target gift card and please guess what I spent it on. GUESS. C’mon dooo eeett!! If you guessed a silicone tray to make shot glasses out of ice, you’re dead WRONG. I spent it on kitchen towels and a trashcan for the guest bathroom.

I also got more tools for my newest hobby, PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I got the two lenses I had been coveting for some time now!

I know what you’re thinking Every hot girl who can aim a camera thinks she’s a photographer. ‘Oh you took a black and white picture of a lawn chair and its shadows, you must be so brooding and deep.’


Let me make a couple things clear

1] Its my hobby for fun, not professional


2]I’m not trying to say I’m hot, but living in a state that’s BOILING 85%-90% of the year has to count for something right?

I also got new boots and Peanuts Monopoly to add to our collection

We kind of collect Monopolies… we kind of have a monopoly of Monopolies

Also? After Christmas was over, my lady cop friend and I went shopping and what did I get? Not new shoes, not alcohol, not babies adopted illegally, I got home decor. To be specific wall hangings for my kitchen [what young person says wall hangings?], a rug for the front door and another ridiculously adorable apron that I love wearing with what I’ve deemed my old man shoes, because who started this shoe trend? Old men, that’s who.

*sigh* I remember when that money would be wasted on nail polish and cheap “BFF” jewellery that I know now was a lie. Forever ended long ago, along with my youthfulness.

My species confused pet

My child is a confused one. The doc says he’s a cat, but I’m thinking otherwise. You see, he fetches, plays in the water,
eats dog treats like Milkbones, and loves his house. His doghouse
Yes I got him a doghouse for Christmas, and yes he loves it.