Remember a few posts back when I swore I wasn’t saying I’m crazy? Well, I have to eat my own words on that one. After the past two weeks and trying to plan out my schedule for next semester, I’ve already got renovators on their way to the house to apply padding to the walls and make sure the carpet and furniture are tear resistant.

Due to the odd timing of me being able [I use that word lightly] to take specific classes that work best with my graduation timeline, my lineup this coming semester was the following:

1. Education Psych
2. Math Education 2
3. Cal II [with lab, so technically two classes]
4. College Geometry (a 4000 level class)
5. Some communications class that is required for teachers

The above schedule coincides with the “mathematically mature” comment made by the head of the math department. Lets hear some of that flashback music now as I take you back to the moment:

Yours Truly(YT): With the way my scheduling is going, I’m going to need to take class A and class B together. This next semester. With Cal1 being the most difficult class under my belt at the time. I’ll be taking Cal2 with class A and B. Is that a possibility?
Head of Math Dept (HoMD) o_O
YT: okay, so should I only take one of the classes, none of the classes?
HoMD: Well for everyone I’d advise against taking class A and B together. EVER. I do however, feel you’re mathematically mature enough to handle taking class B with Cal2

::my thought after this statement. Mathematically mature? I still giggle when I see this in my homework problems

but hey, if you stranger think I can do this LETS DO THIS!!!::

So I’m signed for the above posted classes. Awesome. I figured hey, I’ll have to try a little harder, but lets get this.

Fast-forward to today. Homegirl from class and I are talking to get ready for a test and HoMD comes up to me [out of the blue mind you] and just looks at me for a couple minutes o_o so I look back at him o_O then

HoMD: Come by my office today when you’re through with classes, I’ll help you sign up for class A and we’ll take Math Ed2 off. I know, we’re essentially taking off your easiest class to add a very difficult, but it’ll be better.
YT: Oh, okay. Do you think all those classes will be okay together?
HoMD: o_O Well, you *will* have a lot of work, but I think you can do it. Its going to be very hard. Its probably going to be the best for your shedule though. Be ready for a LOT of work O_O
YT: O_o Oh. Um. Okay. I’ll come by your office.

Then he walked away, I died a little inside and here I am now.

I’ve already gotten my mom to research the Patron Saint for Math. And Students. and not having a complete mental breakdown every time I see a number for fear that a 3 with vampire teeth will come swooping down and kill me

So, off I go now to voluntarily give myself bald head for the rest of my life hopefully finalize my schedule for next semester. Take pity on me


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