Coldness and math awesomeness inside [without those little marshmallows]

The last few nights we’ve had freeze warnings. FREEZE WARNINGS. ALREADY. IN TEXAS. I don’t have a parka, or snow boots, or tropical getaway NOTHING. So all I could do to not completely and unnecessarily freak out was sip on some scalding hot chocolate [because regular hot chocolate won’t do] and be comforted by a little blue penguin with earmuffs on.

Nothing could rain freeze on my parade on Wednesday though because I got THIS back from my calculus teacher

That is the grade I got on my test. A TEST!!! An A!!! That little beauty is currently residing on my refrigerator, because you never outgrow the pride of something of yours making it to the fridge right?

In all of math’s gloriousness, I can’t forget the “little guys” [love you Miranda :-)] and made sure to bring back the good ol’ vocabulary structure of SAT questions from yesteryear when trying to write down some formulas.

See the little highlighted parts? I thought of you while I did them May 🙂

So we’re working on integral cal right now, more specifically anti-derivatives [is that like anti-pasta? idk] and one thing that teacherman is absolutely adamant about is adding the arbitrary constant [written as “+ c”] to the end of our answer. In the hopes that it’ll help me and remind me, I made my “c” a little dude [kinda like the paperclip guy in Microsoft, no?]

C’mon, how can you forget or say no to that face?
Speaking of math because this entire post isn’t about math or anything, I had a quick fright a week ago when it came back from the pit of my worst nightmares

One thought on “Coldness and math awesomeness inside [without those little marshmallows]

  1. Yay! A colon! The rest just makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and rock back and forth while drooling all over myself. Except for the hot chocolate. You know I don't do cold.

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