Writer’s Workshop: Where are they now, EMP style

This week’s Writer’s Workshop is a challenge. Again.

Look up a favorite childhood actor and tell us where they are now.

I actually have two fav’s in my childhood so I’m going to cover both of them. Being the awkward, impersonal kid, I was always just a fan of cartoons and muppets instead of real people. Just like today

so my favorites were Red Fraggle and Smurfette. Lets take a look at how they did after the fall of their FREAKING AWESOME SPECTACULAR tv shows.

First up is Ms. Red

As she grew up, she learned that overly tanned red-heads wearing only a long sweater weren’t in high demand anymore. By that time, she was already addicted to tanning, and she couldn’t stop.

She became an alcoholic which resulted in some unflattering PR of her actions including


an alleged “sex tape” with another woman

and a complete mental breakdown when she shaved her head and poked out her own eye beat that Britney

With a long prison stint and help from her manager, she took a break from the bright lights of Hollywood and the sauce and when she was released, was baptized and became a born again Christian

She’s now a self-proclaimed tree hugger living in the redwood forests of California. You can still see her from time to time protesting the cutting down of trees.

Now for Smurfette. After the cancelling of the Smurfs she settled down with Lazy Smurf

Unfortunately, Lazy Smurf was indeed lazy, but Smurfette found a break and became a famous pop star

The extra attention got to her though, and insecurities soon followed. To deal with these insecurities, Smurfette became addicted to alcohol and plastic surgery

Lazy Smurf left quickly after that.

Papa Smurf saw the perils Smurfette was going through and decided to intervene and get her back on the right path

She married Romantic Smurf after they met through an online dating website for Smurfs and Smurfette now dedicates her life to her husband and their new daughter Mini-Me “Mimi” Smurf

I hope you enjoyed “Where Are They Now” Ello-Minnow-Pea style. Now its your turn. Go here, pick a topic and write about it. Then link back to the site and take a look at some other’s posts.

Until next time, you stay classy internets.


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