Writer’s Workshop: Why are you burned out?

This week’s WW is created especially for me I think. Can you figure out what has burned me out?

I’m kind of too tired to write out an entire post of what has burned me out and Capt. Obvious is at a convention. Since you can’t see my interpretive dancing, here are some pictures instead. My books are for cereal that heavy too. And I have finals in 2.5 weeks.

Where the heck was I this weekend?

My hatred of any sort of physical fitness never held up to what I had planned this weekend. I went up to Dallas to participate in the Memory Walk to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s in memory of my grandmother who passed away earlier this year in January.

She loved cardinals

It was held at the zoo and a LOT of people were there. It was amazing to see all the purple and all the supporters so we can hopefully one day get rid of this disease.

The fact that it was at the zoo made it more awesome. Here are some pictures.

A special thanks to all the supporters that generously gave to this even. I really appreciate it and hope to make this an annual thing.


Remember a few posts back when I swore I wasn’t saying I’m crazy? Well, I have to eat my own words on that one. After the past two weeks and trying to plan out my schedule for next semester, I’ve already got renovators on their way to the house to apply padding to the walls and make sure the carpet and furniture are tear resistant.

Due to the odd timing of me being able [I use that word lightly] to take specific classes that work best with my graduation timeline, my lineup this coming semester was the following:

1. Education Psych
2. Math Education 2
3. Cal II [with lab, so technically two classes]
4. College Geometry (a 4000 level class)
5. Some communications class that is required for teachers

The above schedule coincides with the “mathematically mature” comment made by the head of the math department. Lets hear some of that flashback music now as I take you back to the moment:

Yours Truly(YT): With the way my scheduling is going, I’m going to need to take class A and class B together. This next semester. With Cal1 being the most difficult class under my belt at the time. I’ll be taking Cal2 with class A and B. Is that a possibility?
Head of Math Dept (HoMD) o_O
YT: okay, so should I only take one of the classes, none of the classes?
HoMD: Well for everyone I’d advise against taking class A and B together. EVER. I do however, feel you’re mathematically mature enough to handle taking class B with Cal2

::my thought after this statement. Mathematically mature? I still giggle when I see this in my homework problems

but hey, if you stranger think I can do this LETS DO THIS!!!::

So I’m signed for the above posted classes. Awesome. I figured hey, I’ll have to try a little harder, but lets get this.

Fast-forward to today. Homegirl from class and I are talking to get ready for a test and HoMD comes up to me [out of the blue mind you] and just looks at me for a couple minutes o_o so I look back at him o_O then

HoMD: Come by my office today when you’re through with classes, I’ll help you sign up for class A and we’ll take Math Ed2 off. I know, we’re essentially taking off your easiest class to add a very difficult, but it’ll be better.
YT: Oh, okay. Do you think all those classes will be okay together?
HoMD: o_O Well, you *will* have a lot of work, but I think you can do it. Its going to be very hard. Its probably going to be the best for your shedule though. Be ready for a LOT of work O_O
YT: O_o Oh. Um. Okay. I’ll come by your office.

Then he walked away, I died a little inside and here I am now.

I’ve already gotten my mom to research the Patron Saint for Math. And Students. and not having a complete mental breakdown every time I see a number for fear that a 3 with vampire teeth will come swooping down and kill me

So, off I go now to voluntarily give myself bald head for the rest of my life hopefully finalize my schedule for next semester. Take pity on me


Although not near as popular as its counterpart TFLN [Texts from last night], TFMN [Texts from math nerds] is much more entertaining than “walks of shame” and stupid drunk texts. This is a recent convo between Giselle and I

Yours Truly: The head of the math department called me mathematically mature. Does that mean I can drink and derive now?
Giselle: It means you’re ready for your alge-bra

It doesn’t get any better than that folks! Posts coming soon to a computer screen near you! My new schedule for next semester ::OMGKILLMENOW::, what NOT to wear in public/at a university, exactly what I’ll be up to this weekend. Thank you, come again!!!

Coldness and math awesomeness inside [without those little marshmallows]

The last few nights we’ve had freeze warnings. FREEZE WARNINGS. ALREADY. IN TEXAS. I.am.not.prepared. I don’t have a parka, or snow boots, or tropical getaway NOTHING. So all I could do to not completely and unnecessarily freak out was sip on some scalding hot chocolate [because regular hot chocolate won’t do] and be comforted by a little blue penguin with earmuffs on.

Nothing could rain freeze on my parade on Wednesday though because I got THIS back from my calculus teacher

That is the grade I got on my test. A TEST!!! An A!!! That little beauty is currently residing on my refrigerator, because you never outgrow the pride of something of yours making it to the fridge right?

In all of math’s gloriousness, I can’t forget the “little guys” [love you Miranda :-)] and made sure to bring back the good ol’ vocabulary structure of SAT questions from yesteryear when trying to write down some formulas.

See the little highlighted parts? I thought of you while I did them May 🙂

So we’re working on integral cal right now, more specifically anti-derivatives [is that like anti-pasta? idk] and one thing that teacherman is absolutely adamant about is adding the arbitrary constant [written as “+ c”] to the end of our answer. In the hopes that it’ll help me and remind me, I made my “c” a little dude [kinda like the paperclip guy in Microsoft, no?]

C’mon, how can you forget or say no to that face?
Speaking of math because this entire post isn’t about math or anything, I had a quick fright a week ago when it came back from the pit of my worst nightmares

Writer’s Workshop: Where are they now, EMP style

This week’s Writer’s Workshop is a challenge. Again.

Look up a favorite childhood actor and tell us where they are now.

I actually have two fav’s in my childhood so I’m going to cover both of them. Being the awkward, impersonal kid, I was always just a fan of cartoons and muppets instead of real people. Just like today

so my favorites were Red Fraggle and Smurfette. Lets take a look at how they did after the fall of their FREAKING AWESOME SPECTACULAR tv shows.

First up is Ms. Red

As she grew up, she learned that overly tanned red-heads wearing only a long sweater weren’t in high demand anymore. By that time, she was already addicted to tanning, and she couldn’t stop.

She became an alcoholic which resulted in some unflattering PR of her actions including


an alleged “sex tape” with another woman

and a complete mental breakdown when she shaved her head and poked out her own eye beat that Britney

With a long prison stint and help from her manager, she took a break from the bright lights of Hollywood and the sauce and when she was released, was baptized and became a born again Christian

She’s now a self-proclaimed tree hugger living in the redwood forests of California. You can still see her from time to time protesting the cutting down of trees.

Now for Smurfette. After the cancelling of the Smurfs she settled down with Lazy Smurf

Unfortunately, Lazy Smurf was indeed lazy, but Smurfette found a break and became a famous pop star

The extra attention got to her though, and insecurities soon followed. To deal with these insecurities, Smurfette became addicted to alcohol and plastic surgery

Lazy Smurf left quickly after that.

Papa Smurf saw the perils Smurfette was going through and decided to intervene and get her back on the right path

She married Romantic Smurf after they met through an online dating website for Smurfs and Smurfette now dedicates her life to her husband and their new daughter Mini-Me “Mimi” Smurf

I hope you enjoyed “Where Are They Now” Ello-Minnow-Pea style. Now its your turn. Go here, pick a topic and write about it. Then link back to the site and take a look at some other’s posts.

Until next time, you stay classy internets.

A PSA for DWI suspects

Well hello everyone!

I went on another ride along two weeks ago sign me up for an intervention! and although we didn’t get any fun [a.k.a. bizzaro stories] arrest, my hot cop of a husband did and I figured I’d let you in on a little secret if you’re ever suspected of DWI or driving while intoxicated.

After watching a MythBusters episode where they tried to prove or bunk common techniques of sobering up [i.e. exercising, cold shower, coffee] and realized that none actually did the deed proving that if you drink, don’t drive. So here we go.
How to prove you’re sober, if you’re suspected to be DWI:

  • Pass all the SFST’s [Standard Field Sobriety Tests] – these include testing your ability to walk a straight line, balance on one foot and checking your eyes by following a pen.
  • Agree to a breath specimen – each state has a different limit, blow under the limit and you’re free to pass GO and collect $200

There are a few other tests, but those are pretty surefire.

How to NOT prove you’re sober, if you’re suspected to be DWI:

  • LICK the counter of the prison where you’re being booked at. You know, the counter that’s come into contact with other people’s bodies including hands and feet, and other people’s bodily excrements when they’ve voided themselves because they were too intoxicated or high to remember doing it, and other people’s blood if they’d accrued an injury, and other people’s tears [that last one, I actually laughed at a kid. It was his first time and he cried. I laughed after we had left though], and where the prostitutes [male and female] have also been who could have um… nasty stuff on their hands from performing services. Nasty stuff that could contain STD’s. Yea, that counter.

Yes. They clean the counter, but all those bacterial killing cleaners only kill 93-99% of the germs all the time.

Mister almost puked all over said counter when that kid licked it to prove he was sober. He was still booked and thrown in the ‘drunk tank’

So lets review shall we? SFSTs and breathalyzer tests – YES. Licking the counter – NO.

The best thing to do? If you drink, don’t drive 🙂

This PSA was brought to you by the letter D and the number 7