Writer’s Workshop: A Photo that Represents Me

I stole got this idea from Ms Jess over at Taking it One Step at a Time who got this from Mama Kat [click this button to get there]

Out of all the choices to choose from, I thought the photo would be the easiest. My babysitting stories are dull and lifeless, I wish my mother would read my blog, I don’t have any appropriate dreams I wish were reality, and being the lame kid in town, I never pulled any Halloween pranks.
I know what y’all are all expecting for my picture too. YOU’RE THINKING THIS AREN’T YOU

YOU’RE SNICKERING AREN’T YOU?!?! Well so be it, because for cereal, I want this in poster size. Its my new “thing” I lurve it as much as my Albie picture

Just look at how happy he is, solving math is a total high 🙂 It [math and this picture] makes me smile


Stop making me lose focus with your glittery calculators and bedazzled calculus books

Here is what I think represents me better

I’m trying to say I represent a lot of things. I am
  • a wife [civilian, military and cop]
  • a proud Texan and South Paw
  • ridiculously and unnecessarily happy almost all.the.time. You don’t want to know me if I’m hyper or more energized than usual. Its dangerous.
  • a severe shoe addict
  • a NERD!!! [like you weren’t expecting it] 🙂
There are thousands more that I represent, some only temporarily, some come and go, some last forever, but I don’t want to bore you or cause you to freak out and quietly think to yourself ‘OMG girlfriend is seriously missing a few marbles. There really is something wrong with her ::deletes her from my following list and calls psych ward on her::

Now that you all know a little more about me [whether you wanted to or not] I encourage you all to mosey on over to Mama Kat’s and join in on the Writer’s Workshop as well

Until next time

Don’t be a square, ’cause the world is round! [Makes no sense, huh? I still like it]

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: A Photo that Represents Me

  1. Okay I chuckled when I saw the picture but as I read your accompanying note, I smiled and really enjoyed your incisive sense of humor. I love that stick figure now…Elizabeth

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