Stick Figure School Days!

Hello, hello and welcome to another segment of Stick Figure Today: School Days
I have survived the first few days of school and wanted to share with you all by way of my high artistic ability [LOLz yea right]

Of course with all new things, bright and early at 7:50am while standing in the hall, I was absolutely terrified that I was in the wrong place. I was sure of it, and I knew JUST KNEW that the teacher would yell at me for being in the wrong place and make me cry. [FYI: I was in the right place] This is an artist rendering of what I probably looked like standing there waiting:

Once the door opened and we went into the room, I wanted to immerse myself in the middle of the class so it’d be easier to be sociable and make friends. Little did I know, left-handed people are frowned upon to make friends apparently.

AND! There was actually only one left-handed desk. Only one of ‘our kind’ are allowed in the room at a time I guess. I felt like I was already being singled out.
I could not wait for my next class. Cal 1 OMG YAY MATH!!! And! They had full desks. We.are.equal.! Wrong, I don’t know if the entire semester is going to be like this, but if it is I don’t know if I’ll be very stressed about passing…

Next was my “class for math education” or what I lovingly call my Math Teacher class. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I definetly wasn’t expecting what happened. Again, we had full desks. Proof that math is magical.
The second day, I’m feeling good. Feeling AWESOME. Until I go into my Soci class. EPIC FAIL
LEFT-HANDED PEOPLE ARE NOT BAD PEOPLE!!! Ugh, I was so let down. Why don’t all the classrooms have full desks? WHY? WHAT IS THE REASONING? ::deep breath::
Moving on to my science class, again I was so excited. I love science almost as much as math. YAY FOR AN AWESOME CLASS. Until some dude sat behind me.
No scientific thoughts or ideas ran through my mind, only this. Over and over and over and over again. If only…

Hopefully he won’t sit behind me anymore. As for the desk situation, I’ve decided to start a union for left-handed people. We’re going to fight against our right-handed oppressor and come out on top. BEWARE OF THE SOUTH PAWS! WE’RE HERE TO KICK YOUR REAR!

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