Oh My God, What Have I Done?

Thanks to an allergy induced headache waking me up at 5:05 this morning, I’ve been up working on a new background for the ol’ bloggy blog for oh about all of eternity 6 hours. I designed the dang thing myself, and thought that would be the most difficult part of this entire ordeal. Apparently I was wrong, so I am calling on y’all to help [hopefully one of you can!]

Here are my current issues

[Edited to Add: I fixed this part by going back to the “Minima” layout from ’04. If you have any other way, let me know. I’ve tinkered with the new template editor thing, no dice.] There’s a transparent white over my background with a shadow looking box around the body of the blog. What is that? I don’t want it.

My entire blog is off-centered [if you couldn’t already tell]. The body as well as the column and header are all weird and stuff and it bothers me. A lot.

So PLEASE I am down on my knees BEGGING!!! Someone HELP!!!


One thought on “Oh My God, What Have I Done?

  1. This all has to do with the theme you've chosen for the blog in the advanced editor. You should be able to mess around with the settings until you find a layout more to your liking.

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