Cop Stories

Come one, come all! Gather in my tent made of chairs, blankets and pillows and let me tell you just a select few of my favorite stories that have either happened to me during ride alongs or the husband while firing guns in the air and screaming AHHHHHHHHH bettering the community by enforcing the law.

The first story takes place during Christmas time last year. On a Special Assignment night, the company was taken off the street [don’t worry, there were other companies still on the street] and into the mall [undercover in civi clothes] to be on the lookout for theives. Most of the officers looked inconspicuous. Poor Ms Sunshine had naturally bright red hair so she stuck out and was always noticeable, but the worst had to have been Husband showing his college football pride in a BRIGHT.RED. Texas Tech hat

That red is not near as vibrant as his hat was or my sweatshirt I’m currently wearing right now. Yes I wear sweatshirts in Texas. In the Summer. When the highs are 100. The house at 74 is cold. Bite me. 🙂

Carrying on [this story is getting long],I happened to be working at the store at the time so I was more than happy when they’d randomly come into the store to buy candy. The Mister came in a few times all excited that he was tailing a guy who looked suspicious and he’d be right back. Honest to his word he came scampering back a little bit later. He’s really hot on his tail. Just waiting for him to miss a step. Now they were headed to Best Buy. I loved the play-by-play. It was cute lol. So about thirty minutes later Mister Officer comes back with a hitch in his giddy up. Did he catch the guy? No. That guy left. He noticed some strange guy in a BRIGHT RED HAT following him and decided to leave. The Mr didn’t catch anyone else that night, but he learned a lesson, maybe he shouldn’t stand out so much even if he’s a fan of the best team in the Big 12.

I’ll make the next story much shorter and much better because its about me. On my last ride along [I have a bit of an addiction] An old drunk man was being placed in the back of the patrol car. He was escorted by the passenger side of the car where yours truly was innocently sitting. When he saw me he said “Well hey cutie” Of course I was flattered that a drunk guy thought I was good looking. I ignored him with the overwhelming fear that talking to suspects is wrong and I did not want to end up on the wrong side of a police cruiser. While Ms Sunshine was still outside, the passenger and I were both in the vehicle [yes separated by a cage. I sit in front, duh] he asked me what my name was. Like I said, I had a fear of talking to suspects so I just kept my mouth shut. Later on that night, I learn that “friendly” converstation is not going to put me behind bars and that I should have told him. Oh yes, of course I want them to know my name. From now on however, I plan to devulge interesting tidbits about my multiple personalities. You can now get my attention by calling me the following [but not limited to]: P. Diddy, Janet Reno, Kid Rock, Wanda Sykes, Eric Cartman, and Haley Joel Osment. Feel free to look me up 😉

Ok, I have two more to add, but I should have been asleep one hour and twenty-three minutes ago in order to get used to my new school schedule before school starts and I’m late

I’ll add a couple more later!


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