I should read my blogs more often. Mrs. HF (or HotFuzz) from a police wife just passed this on to me!!!

Imagine my surprise when I saw my name there! Ha! So now I’m apparently supposed to think of 10 things about me

1. I hate required reading. I’ve never read anything a teacher required, and I don’t use SparkNotes. All the information I get is from taking notes about it during class. Its worked so far, lets hope it still works for the next couple of years.

2. I am a huge klutz. Years ago, when we were taking senior cheerleading pictures we were all in a huge tree. Out of 7 girls, I was the only one who instead of climbing down, decided it would be better to slide down. My leg was all torn up, the photographer actually had to airbrush almost my entire leg in the pictures.

3. I am a natural entertainer. I love getting laughs and smiles out of people and since I have no shame, I’ll do anything to get a laugh.

4. Out of 8 cousins on my mom’s side, I am the only one with brown eyes.

5. I am somewhat ambidextrious. I taught myself how to write with my right hand when I was still in elementary school. Its legible, and if my left hand isn’t available, I’ll write with my right hand. I’ve even changed hands while taking notes in class after leftie got tired.

6. I work at a candy store, but I love cookies more. Last year I actually bought 6 boxes of thin mints from a customer. It felt so forbidden to buy cookies while working in a candy store, like I was buying drugs from a dealer. I hid the cookies in an unmarked, white bag in the storage room until I went home.

7. When I was 7 or 8 I swallowed a quarter. It was really painful and got stuck in my throat. I was afraid of getting in trouble with my parents so I told them it was a chip that got stuck. After I got home from softball practice, they gave me bread with peanut butter (and requested sprinkles) in the hopes to get the “chip” dislodged. It didn’t work. I don’t remember when, but it finally went down and stopped hurting.

8. I am a terrible swimmer. I never picked up the skill and all I can do is a rough looking doggie paddle to stay afloat. I love going to the beach, lakes and pools though. Hopefully I won’t die.

9. I cannot function if there is something on the TV I don’t like. Even if I’m cleaning, doing homework, whatever it is, I will stop what I’m doing to change the channel to something I want on the TV and go back to whatever I was doing and not paying attention to whats on the screen.

10. I also suck at riding bikes. When I was still learning I ran into a parked car, a mailbox and fell into a bush [all different attempts]. Later in my early 20s Husband and I were riding at night. I didn’t see a vine hanging off a fence. It pulled me off the bike by my face. That is the last time I’ve ridden a bike.

Now… I pass this on to:

1. Mrs.Slick
2. Mrs.Rotty
3. Not Super…Just Mom (who is super in my eyes)
4. LeapingSulfa
and my newest followers! So I can get to know y’all better!
5. Ammo in the Dryer


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