The Stupidity is Strong With This One

Look I get it, I work at a candy store in the mall, the aptitude level of most of my customers is quite low. I DO expect, though, at least some common sense and to not pop off an attitude because you’re insecure.

An older woman was in the store tonight and stood herself right in front of the shelf where the boxes and bags were. She asked about the boxes, we told her they were an additional 69 cents so she walks up to the register with TWO SCOOPS FULL OF JELLY BEANS and says “Well, I’m not paying extra for the box” We showed her the bags she was just looking at and said “Oh, well I want to get more now”


3 thoughts on “The Stupidity is Strong With This One

  1. Hahaha, oh man.My brother worked at a computer supply and repair store, and he has the best stories. A customer flags him down and asks why THESE (as she points to some PC towers) are so expensive, when THOSE (she points to a wall full of empty computer cases) are so cheap. :)Another customer called in to say his brand new computer wasn't working. After a few minutes, my brother realized that the computer wasn't plugged in.

  2. Haha! People are so crazy. I just read through a bunch of your posts and I swear you must be my long lost twin. You have me laughing out loud. So glad to meet you! Is it alright with you if I add your blog to my pw list? Just checkin'.

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