I Bite My Thumb At You!

I have devastating news internets. I, the most INTERESTING PERSON IN THE WORLD [but I don’t drink Dos XX]

was called lame-o because I do not update my blog! SHOCKING -claims New York Times. APPALLING – writes Siskell and Ebert. WHERE IS MY HOTDOG – shouts Pinky and the Brain

Dear friend. Some of us are not lounging around eating bon bons with our veggie-hating son. Us childless folk HAVE time to procrastinate and so we do 🙂 Jay-Kay! I lub ewe!

I did get an awesome idea from her blog. She did Stick Figure Saturday, but seeing as how I probably won’t be consistant, I’ll just do Stick Figure Today. Today’s stick figure story is a recap of my vacation [which will have to do, since I’m pretty sure a whopping six pictures were taken during the entire time there].

It all starts on Sunday morning. I was AMPED to go on vacation. BEACH HERE I COME!!!

Three hours into the nine hour trip, I.was.dying. I can not sit still, especially in a car so being cramped up not moving absolutely slayed me. I didn’t even do any of the driving.

Finally we were there, and immediately we went on a boat trip. EPIC FAIL on my behalf, but my little bubble says “I’m on a boat!!! Ooh look, DOLPHINS!!!” Outside of Flipper and Sea World, I had never seen dolphins in their natural habitat. It was AWESOME!!! We jumped in the water for a bit, and my lack of swimming skills again came to bite me in the ass. Good news though, I’m the doggie paddle CHAMPION! We watched fireworks. On the boat. The fireworks were launched over the bay. It was gorgeous I, however, forgot to add this into my stick figure story 😦 Once we got back to the house, us hooligan kids [including two cops] decided we needed to hop the fence to the pool and hot tub and chill. It was cool and fun, until I informed the boys of a crab I saw. They threw it into the hot tub with us, I screamed and hopped out like a girl.

The next day, us girls [including Giselle and her sister] decided we’d lay out by the pool to tan. I was already tan, so they gave me a challenge. Can you read it? I hope so.

Two to three hours later, their challenge went horribly wrong. I got eleventy-billion shades darker [even with using SPF85]

Once the boys woke up we went to the beach. All was fun and dandy except the waves which were a direct effect from the storm we narrowly missed out on before the vacation and the other storm we narrowly missed out on when we left the vacation. They were killer evil waves which caused us to topple over, lose our footing, and fear hand waves started at sports events.

After the killer waves, we stayed pretty down low and relaxed, so not a lot of exciting things happened. THEN it was time to leave. I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE.

It made me sad. I’m still sad. I enjoy vacations. I especially enjoyed this one and hopefully the beach and I will get reaquainted soon.

So THERE dear friend. Take THAT and a little of this too

Until next time, stay thirsty my friends!


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