If your child continuously tries to reach into and eat candy in a bulk candy store, you should probably watch your child and prevent them from doing that.

I figured that’d be common sense, apparently this town is all tapped out of that.


The Andromeda galaxy and our own galaxy are hurling through space at 1,000,000mph and will collide in T-4 billion years!

Permission to freak out granted

No but for realz, I’VE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO MY UNIVERSITY! Don’t ask my why I never thought I wouldn’t be accepted, but I’ve been getting letters from them since acceptance and I’m feeling more and more special.

One of the most exciting letters I got was a memo that because I’m a geek smart kid with awesome grades they’re going to give me a $7k annual renewable scholarship. At first I was a bit confused and skeptic because I never applied for said scholarship. For a few days, I figured I was getting Flunk’d. You know, like Punk’d but instead of pranks on celebrities, it was pranks on wide-eyed, optimistic college students hoping to not have to sell organs on the black market to pay for school. I was expecting Bill Nye to jump out wearing a trucker hat yelling ‘YOU GOT FLUNK’D SUCKA’! NOBODY THINKS YOU’RE THAT COOL!!!”

Thats one of the reasons I’ve been MIA for so long. I feel like I need to work extra hard as to not disappoint them and their faith they have in me. The scholarship will not pay for all of it, lets get straight, it won’t pay for one semester, BUT if someone’s going to toss $7k my way, I ain’t complaining. Oh crap, should I take out the “ain’t” and make that sentence grammatically correct? I’d hate for them to see this 😉

Did I tell y’all about my police ride along? I don’t remember. Oh well, I’m going on another one this Saturday. I’m excited. I wish I could be a professional ride-alonger or what I’d like to call a professional witness [in case a suspect tries to lie to get charges dropped]. I may be slightly addicted. However, I’d never be a cop myself. I don’t want to do, I want to watch, its entirely too much work for me. Besides, I think the uniform makes me look a little manish. What do you think?

Oh, you will not believe it. I’m close to finishing my not talented enough to call it a quilt blanket. I just need about 3 more yards of navy flannel for the back and wouldn’t you know it, the fabric store has been smooth sold out for over a couple of months. Like it gets hot in the Lone Star state or something.

Here’s where I’m at so far

By golly, she may be able to be domesticated after all!

To add to the decor, I’ve brought home a few finds from a recent geology field trip. Can I just say, I found the most stuff, which in my mind makes me the most awesome. If you disagree, shut your mouth.

Did you know this great state was an ocean a long time ago? Well it was. These shells are millions of years old.

Not to mention the teacher was mighty impressed by my eye to spot all these things, and what can I say, I have a thing with sucking up 🙂

Alrighty folks, I think thats more than enough updating for now for the plain and simple fact that I don’t think I have anything less dull more exciting than this stuff. Hopefully I’ll be back the next time around before another month has gone by.