What is this?

This isn’t a new addition to my handwriting but it bothers me. My eights are the same way.

I have a date on Sunday

with this guy

Well actually CoCo and I have a date with this guy on Sunday. I.can’t.wait. SERIOUSLY OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!! Our tickets are purchased and at precisely 6:50pm on Sunday evening my eyes will have thousands of levels of awesomeness thrust upon them my eyes will see the epitome of the utmost awesomeness they will ever vue in their lifetime. Sunday cannot come soon enough.

Onto the nex–CAN’T WAIT!!!

Ok, now onto the next topic of discussion. I got these wicked cute rainboots yesterday

I’m sure you think I am an idiot, but this past winter season, I could have used these more times than I have fingers. We have a 40% chance of rain this Sunday, I so totally hope it rains now 🙂

My math class and homework has become exceptionally easy this past week or so and it freaks me out. I’m afraid I’m doing things wrong because of how easy I am getting it while others are having a hard time picking it up. I stayed after class because of my uneasyness. I’ve been doing it right all along. I guess I am in fact a math god as good at math as I’d hope to be. HOWEVER, we’re still graphing trig functions. Take a look at my notes from the last few classes. They’re slightly comical while watching my frustration with those damn little graphed lines grow.

First I started out not even dealing with the graph. Unfortunately, I decided that I should probably not skip it completely. I shouldn’t have decided that.

Next, I tried to add a little humor up at the top for some moral support and motivation. It didn’t really work. At all. If you can’t read that it says “I suck @ graphing” This, by the way, is a piece of a sin wave that we were using for inverting.

Whilst trying to do a little better on the inverse sin graph, I didn’t do any better and I let myself know that, hoping that constructive criticism may help me out more than that moral support/motivation mumbo jumbo crap.

Lastly, I only got halfway through the inverse cos graph before I decided to quit while I was ahead quit before I had sunk into graphing oblivion even more than I already had.

Yes I use “text-talk” in every day situations. Back off it. Luckily for me, graphing is overrated and I was still able to get the correct answers on my homework without the use of graphs.

By the way, do you see my handwriting? Apparently while I was doing homework after being bought out on a poker night, Mister’s Sgt. noticed and said my “clean/neat” handwriting is a sign of mental disease. Trying to make the best of things I told him my handwriting changes every few years so maybe next time it won’t be so neat and I’ll be ok. He then told me that changing handwriting like that is also a sign of mental disease o_O FAIL on my part I guess. What makes this even more terrifying is the fact that I’m left handed. The gene that causes left handedness is also the same gene that causes schitzophrenia, so left handers out there, you’re more at risk of getting schitzo. So um guess what has happened the past couple of days? My lowercase and uppercase “g’s” are changing and my signature has also changed in the past month. What a fun thing to look forward to, it’ll make my OCD much more awesome when multiple voices want me to put things in different orders.