Procrastination? Check

Its a Friday night, I’ve had an entire bottle of wine (with no effects) and I’m trying my hardest to procrastinate on my take-home test from Geology.

I’m currently chatting on MySpace with a guy I haven’t talked to since high school. I really don’t have anything to say, but he initiated the convo so I’m trying to be polite [as well as continue in my mission of procrastination]. Its a whole new way of awkward converstation with old acquaintances you never intended to “catch up” with.

Ok, maybe it isn’t that awkward, but you know what I mean. Somewhat on the same note, I was doing the math the other day [surprise surprise] and discovered my 10 year reunion will be in T minus THREE YEARS. WHERE HAS ALL THE TIME GONE???

Not to mention, on the Mister’s birthday he mentioned being “halfway to 50”. HOLY CRAP. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m really 17 and I’m being punk’d by Ashton. As soon as he pops out of wherever he’s hiding, I’m punching him right in the throat. DO YOU HEAR THAT ASHTON? YOU BETTER BE SHAKING IN YOUR HI-TOPS.

OH and boy do I have a serious math confession for you all.

Are you ready for this? Take a deep breath, you’ll never believe it.

I hate graphing

For serious cereal graphing is the worst thing ever known to mankind. EVER.

I guess I’m being a bit dramatic hasty. If all I have to do is input an algorithm on my graphing calculator, then I’m kosher with it. Easy peasy. Its when I have to actually draw out the graph, plot points and draw lines that kill me. I’ve never been able to draw a perfect circle. With points plotted, my circle becomes even less round. We’re beginning graphing trig functions on Monday. Kill.Me.Now. Just stick a mechanical pencil in my ear and hammer it into my brain. And for all of you out there who just want to blame it on laziness. I AM THE LAST PERSON IN THE WORLD OF MATH THAT WOULD BE CONSIDERED LAZY. I work out every small thing on every new line. Its my “thing”. Its how I roll. Don’t ever insult me by telling me my math is lazy, YOUR FACE IS LAZY. ::Deep breaths:: sorry, just don’t mess with me and my math, just sayin’.

I have so much more to update you on, but for the life of me I can’t remember a bit of it. I need to start taking notes when I think of things because obviously my mental post-it notes are failing me epically.



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