Where’s the Love?

First and foremost



Valentine’s day is coming and I think this holiday is even worse than all other holidays put together with cheesy crap you can buy for people. Case in point:

Papa John’s has a special going on right now that they’ll make you a heart pizza! Its only available for 4 days so get yours now! What better way to spend a romantic evening with your loved one than eating heartburn inducing grease on crust?

I do have to warn you though, being the minion I am because I love pretty hearts, I demanded we get one earlier this week, and apparently the good folks at the Papa John’s here in town are far from artists. I’m not hating on them though, they never claimed to be Picaso.

Moving on with our love disasters, have you seen the commercials for the pajama grams? I can kind of see that being a big hit with some, but one in particular makes me laugh hysterically until I cry go into a full on seizure from laughing so hard. Why its the old fashioned “hoodie footie”!

they ease your worries about whether or not its the right gift by saying “Its like a hug from you that she can wear!” I don’t know about you ladies, but I’ve always wanted to wear a hot pink velour enclosed hot dog casing of death hug, and now I can!

Don’t worry though, for men you can give them this so its your own personal wearable hug! I bet he’d be so excited, he’d be speechless!

TIME OUT. Look at how overly excited they are about these stupid things!

Who knew you could be a superhero and play hopscotch all while wearing a hug! My oh my technology sure has advanced.

In the good faith of the holiday and I’m still trying to suck up I made the officers cookies for V-day. They aren’t your average cookies though. It took three colors

And a lot of hands on rolling, but I made some badass cookies if I do say so myself.

And being the terrible wife I am, I am dragging the Mister to see that Valentine’s day movie with all those celebrities on Sunday. I usually don’t take him to see cheesy chick flicks with me, but this one I don’t think will be on video later so he’s kind of screwed.

Caio for now! [<– it rhymes]

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