Diary of A Mad Opinionated Woman

At my place of business there is a kiosk for a well known phone company. I won’t name any names ::cough cough cough cough:: The people who work there are annoying and reside on so many levels of EPIC FAIL as possible not my favorite people. The most annoying of all are when the guys cup their hands to their mouths and make some annoying bird whistle sound. It.drives.me.inSANE. Finally tonight I had had enough of their shenanigans so my co-worker co-conspirer and I let them know about our distaste of their actions.

Okay, okay, are we 12 for doing this? Perhaps, but at the same time, they may take the time to read it [briefly look confuzzled while trying to look up the word ostentatious] and keep the bird whistling only to when they’re trying to impress a girl at a bar.


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