Escuela mas cambios

Need to translate? “School more updates” or “More school updates” 🙂
I took my first quiz this week of the semester, in pre-cal, and I’d like to think I aced it like the dead man’s hand in poker.

Tonight though, my geekness intellectualism of the Science persuaison was uncovered when one of the guys commented on my vast knowledge of the chemical combinations and symbols the teacher writes on the board when talking about minerals and rocks. Brother, you’d be proud. One of the negatives of this class is that my final is due NEXT WEEK. Its about Karst Topography (aka caves) so I’ll be working on that this weekend when I have a break. It gives me a great excuse to watch my Planet Earth DVD on caves as well.

I am getting my first glimpse of teaching math this semester since the husband is taking college algebra. I have to admit, I judge his math teacher for a handful of reasons including telling his students not to simplify as well as calling the squaring of polynomials the formula with the “magical zeros” I’m sorry, what? I didn’t see Harry Potter in the the class, perhaps he was absent this past week.

Anywho, the poor husband is not near as advanced in math as I am [I never expected him to be] so this semester’s tutoring will be good for the both of us.

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