As Promised

School: How Can I Enjoy Math So Early in the Morning?

I tend to be exceedingly over dramatic about a lot of things. Don’t expect any less from this post.
When I was getting ready to sign up for classes this semester I was on cloud 9 because I was finally able to take another math class. Granted, its only Pre-Cal and not Cal 1, but I can’t complain and of course the teacher recommended the class and I trust his opinion because he did so awesome at teaching recapping Algebra to me last spring. When I went to sign up for classes and I saw Pre-Cal I swear angels were overhead of me singing Hallelujah! All of the sudden though, those angels dissipated into the bowels of hell and Cerberus almost bit off my finger when I saw the time it started M-Thus. 8AM let me rephrase that M-Thus. EIGHT IN THE MORNING!!!

Do you see the viciousness in the eyes? I do.

Laugh at my predicament all you want, for someone who isn’t accustomed to being up at 7am anymore, and who also has problems going to bed on any given night before 1 or 2 in the morning, 8am is devastating. How on Earth am I going to enjoy math when I should still be sleeping?

However I have found a cure that is slowly helping kill my blues. The Magic School Bus plays from 7-8 every morning so I get to learn before learning get to watch cartoons before I go to school. Flashback to my yesteryear? Perhaps. A reason to get out of bed in the morning? Definitely. Waking up with the Frizz every morning does make me a little sad about going to school though, because I’ll never be turned into a fish, or baked in a cake.

Did I learn about food chains by being eaten? No. I wish I had though, it’d be interesting.

I can’t give you an inside look at all my classes yet because I’m still getting a feel for them.

My pre-cal class rocks, obviously. My other classes though, I’m not so sure yet. I’ll have to get back to you on that after maybe the first tests.

On the home front, its trashed. Partially because I have zero time to clean it, but mainly because I can make anything, including TV and blogging :-), more important , can procrastinate like a champ am lazy. Oh also, I’m still working on my blanket. Its a work in progress, but it is progressing I promise! Maybe it’ll be done by the time its too hot to use it. The silver lining though, is that I haven’t sewn a needle through my finger yet.

Until the next time, stay saucy my friends!


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