People Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

I hope you all sang that in your head like I did. Too young to know what song that is? Click Here

I promise I tried to find a vid less Trekkie nerdalicious, but to no avail. The song itself is pretty nerdy itself, but fo’ realz its true.

Remember Sparta from my halloween post? Her name is Giselle (for internets/security purposes) and after January, she has successfully made her presence known as my best friend.

ON JANUARY 2ND MY ENTIRE LIFE had 10 years cut from it FINALLY HAD A PURPOSE. Ladies and gentlemen, I went to a Nick Jonas concert

And yes I’m that terrible of a friend to force by shotgun point drag poor Giselle with me. We took a picture for proof, and perhaps embarrassing blackmail a little later in life.

I was feeling a little pale that day and like usual Giselle was glowing 🙂

Have you cleaned up that water you spit all over your screen from shock yet? Good, lets carry on then. Ok, let me dish, the kid was GOOD! He may not be able to vote yet, but homefry has a talent that trumps most bands/singers these days, and to add he wrote most/all those songs, dude he deserves his success. He was by himself with his new side band Nick Jonas & the Administration. I originally expected it to be very John Mayer-esque [sans the manwhore “I just picked up a guitar so I could get laid” attitude] and was pleasantly proven wrong with a bit more funk. It was Rockin’ with a capital “R” Whoa! Not to mention a few of the band members were part of Prince’s band, which adds a ridiculous amount of awesome points alone, BUT add an afro and a mohawk and you have a freaking sweet night.

You have to squint really to see the mohawk, but I promise its there. Also, his future was so bright he had to wear shades [QUICK! Name the song reference]

Of course I couldn’t leave without a picture of the main star himself. *Sigh* I still giggle and scream like a school girl when I see these pictures. I’m lame, but OMG best.night.ever.

Now that I have nailed my own nerd coffin, in store for next time is School: How Can I Enjoy Math So Early In The Morning?

Keeping with the “boy band” theme, BYE, BYE, BYE!!!


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