I Have A Lot to Cover

So bare with me and listen quickly while I talk like Fast Talking FedEx guy from commercials in the 80s.

Went on a trip to San Antonio with Angie. It was tons o’ fun including our awkward hilarious breakthrough into criminal mischeif when we followed random people down the streets until they ran away from us. I have tons o’ pictures, I’ll add ASAP.

Thanksgiving ended November, and I made sure I ended it with a bang. I kissed butt and tried to make myself look better than the other wives wanted to cook a Thanksgiving dinner in my own [new] home, but the Mr. had to work. My plan was ruined right? Heck no, I cooked for the officers who worked that night. It was such a hit, I plan on doing it once a quarter now so they’ll have something to eat other than IHOP and Whataburger at 2am. I’m not doing anything better at 2am, right? Right.

The first week of December I welcomed with open arms because it was finals week for school! Of course, walking out of the classrooms after taking my finals, my arms were no longer open, but my head was slumped a little bit and I was feeling uneasy about my grades. All is well though, I passed with flying B’s. I’m not happy about my B’s but honestly with these classes, I’m happy I passed all my classes. I’ll have to make up my poor grades with this coming semester. Here’s the new line-up:

  • Pre-Cal
  • Physical Geology
  • History of Western Civilization

I’ll get back to you on my forecast for this upcoming semester after school starts Jan 18th.

Also in December it SNOWED in Texas. TWICE IN ONE WEEK!!! Again, I’ll have to take pictures. My girls up North laughed at me and called it ‘frost’ but seriously 6″ of snow at once is amazing and a sight to see down in these parts.

Also I got my ninja-phone, better than iPhone new phone the Verizon Droid. So.Fantabulously.Awesome. I’ll need to take an entire post just to explain all my different freakin’ sweet apps I have. Seriously, nothing compares. Nothing compares… to you.

Now if I get busy in real life, I can still update y’all, just without the unnecessary awesome, thought-provoking pictures. I promise it won’t be random sentences like Twitter shouting off when I’m stuck in traffic, or need to pee, or waiting in line at Long John Silvers.

Finally a giant man in red came to visit us at the end of the month.

No worries though, I threw a green shell at him and he ran away. THEN another man in red came, this time it was Santa Clause. After a few hours of litigation, I finally decided not to press trespassing charges against him and he was so happy that he left us with loads of gifts. Some of which may be left-handed scissors for a certain awesome human being (a.k.a.


As well as a new sewing machine! So get ready to see posts about me getting frustrated at said machine and wanting to shoot it with a tommy gun making things! Up first is a blanket. I have 6 of the 240 squares cut for the blanket. Go me!

I have tons more I need to update as well, but that is the most of it for now. Also some of it just isn’t as exciting without pictures. And even more of it is still not exciting even with pictures, but I’ll show them to you anyways! Until then goodbye and goodnight!


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